06.25.13 - Filofax Doodle

I'm such an enabler ^_^; I talked my friends into getting Filofaxes. I've gotten 3 people into them now. YAY! Enabler!!!

Anyway, this is kind of related to what I just mentioned. One of my friends wanted a Filofax and I said for her birthday, I would get her one. She was interested in the Back to School! ones when I posted photos of mine, then she saw the Doodle. ^_^ She gave me permission to do this review/post, so TAA DAA! I wanted to do this post too because this was on my wishlist.

I ordered from Pens and Leather despite hearing the horror stories >_<; but they had a 10% discount. Anything to save a few bucks, right? And honestly, I've ordered from them three times and haven't had any problems. 

Please excuse the bad lighting. It wants to rain :(
It was shipped to me in a Priority Mail envelope, with no padding or anything. It came as it shows in the photo. A cardboard sleeve. 

 Within the cardboard sleeve was this material and it was taped on...

 BAM! :P I honestly like the new plastic sleeves. I thought the boxes/cardboard sleeves they used to come in took up a bunch of room.
I like that it shows what's included...

 Here it is out of it's sleeve. 
 The Doodle is a compact sized binder. Here I am comparing it to my Mode. The Doodle is slightly thinner than the Mode, as you can see here. 
I didn't touch the binders so you can see how much thinner it is compared to the Mode. I really like the compact size. 

The ring size is: 3/4"

If I wanted to use this as an actual planner, I would only be able to bring my diary inserts only because of how small the rings are, but that's what I liked about the compact size. 

 Here are the spine comparisons...
 And the opening comparisons...

Because it is a compact, it doesn't include diary inserts. This is what it does include:
  • - Transparent flyleaf
  • - Colour front sheet to co-ordinate with organiser
  • - 1-6 coloured index
  • - To do
  • - White ruled notepaper
  • - White quadrille notepaper
  • - White plain notepaper
  • - Blue ruled notepaper
  • - Green ruled notepaper
  • - Pink ruled notepaper
  • - Contacts
  • - Frosted ruler/page marker
[It's white, sorry for the bad lighting :( ]
Here's a macro shot of the material of the cover and the elastic. Notes about the materials from the Filofax site: 
  • PU with fine leather grain effect, printed with retro quadrille paper pattern.
  • Cream suede-touch PU interior, with an elastic closure.

 The inside. As you can see, it doesn't lay flat right out of the sleeve. But it looks like you can easily train it. There aren't any pockets either.

 Because this isn't mine, I didn't want to touch the inserts but you can see what the dividers look like. I like the little doodle :)

Here's the back. I know it's hard to see but it comes with a plastic sleeve that has a pen loop attached to it. In the sleeve they have a sample of the "leather" for you to test out your pens to see which would work best to customize your cover. There's also a spiral template. :)

After receiving this would I still want to purchase a Doodle? Honestly, if I didn't have my Back to School! one, I probably would. But they're so similar that it doesn't really matter for me any more. I think the only reason I really wanted it was because I could customize the cover. Now that I've seen it/felt it I don't think I would get one only because I already have the Back to School! one (and I have the Original on the way). 


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