WEEK: 06.17.13 to 06.23.13

I decided that I wanted to participate in the "MY WEEK" posts. Maybe it'll motivate me into blogging more ;) I was, actually, going to work on a beauty post but the weather is NOT cooperating (it's dreary out). 

Anyway! Introducing my lovely Gillio (Medium Compagna in Aubergine) which has the funny name of "Mr. Smooth Abs" [INSIDE JOKE for me and a friend, she'll get it LOL]

 Most of the time I use the Filofax inserts that are included. The one on the left is a Filofax insert but I found this $1 pad of weekly "to do's" at Target and thought I could trim them down and see if they'd fit on a personal-sized page. And they do! So why only Monday - Thursday? :P I messed up the other page. In fact, it was messed up so much that I had to whip out my Gillio inserts and use it for the rest of the week. It makes me sad that they're not matching. (Though, I'm not much of a matchy-matchy person). Anyway, I stuck them on with washi tape.

All of the stickers you see are added on AFTER the day is over. I don't  like seeing empty spaces >_>; 

 I don't have many sticky notes but these are ones that I got a few months ago as a freebie for some sort of stationery order I did (Don't remember). I decided that it was time to start using sticky notes ;D
This is the Gillio insert. At the top. I stuck on some deco tape and washi tape and a GIANT heart sticker to cover up the fact that Thursday was on there. If you looked at the previous page, you'd see that there was already a spot for Thursday ;)

  • Had a sale over the weekend at my online store and shipped off the remaining orders. 
  • In my art group on Facebook, we decided to do weekly challenges. This week's art challenge was to draw the opposite sex of what you always draw. Example: I'm always drawing females, so I have to draw males. I did two. (Here's one of them)
  • Did a blog post
  • Paid car insurance
  • My grandparents (dad's side) came to visit for a week. It was strange having them up here. My grandpa has never been up here and this was his first time. 
  • I lent some money to a friend who really needed it. He was having a hard time...
  • I had a bunch of packages arrive in the mail this week including my orders from: Yozocraft, Kiss My Sass Cosmetics, and KiddyQualia. 
  • Started listing bust-shot commissions... wanted to make a little extra money to help my friend
  • Have a sale for my online store (it's still going on until June 25 (at 1am PST)
  • I'm also "waiting" on a handbag that I purchased on eBay. Though, I don't think the seller sent it. It's a complicated situation and I did get refunded. 


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