WEEK: 06.24.13 to 06.30.13

 Another week has come and gone. Not much decorating going on. On the left is the Gillio inserts and on the right is the Filofax Cotton Cream inserts. Why different ones? Read the previous post :P 

I was trying to get used to the Gillio inserts (I think). I think the ruled lines restrict how I write so I don't really like it. I like to write small or big depending on the importance of the thing that needs to be done. I like how I wrote things on the wrong days too LOL. 

I must have been distracted too because I wrote the same thing twice (Clean Bathroom on Tuesday :P).  
 Because it's the end of the month, most of my bills are due in the beginning to the middle of the month. I was trying to find a way to help me keep track of my bills' due dates. I've seen other people punch cards/note paper/etc and put lists on them or notes and I thought... "Oh! I have a TON of memo sheets... I'll use those!" So I made a list of all my bills' due dates. The A's (in circles) next to a date are automatic payments. 

And as I pay the bills, I'll cross each off. Of course, it'll be written in my planner too ;) But there's that list for now.

What's hiding under the ruler and memo sheet. Like I said in my previous weekly post, I'm trying to use more sticky notes :)

I've been wondering if I should do these posts on Mondays... Truth is, it's easier for me to do them on Sundays because it's my day off. 

  • I just remembered why I didn't decorate much for this week. It's because if you've seen my entries above; I'm doing some art commissions and I want to use all my creative energy into those. I've taken on six and even though they're simple, I can easily lose my "artistic ability". I think that's why I haven't been drawing much too. 
  • If you look on Thursday-Sunday: on the bottom you'll see that I wrote things like "free, discussions, articles/blog posts". It's because I started a new thing in my art group on Facebook where we do daily posts of different things. Those were just reminders on what days were for what.
  • Did a quick review on the Filofax Doodle.
  • Did some swatches for Glamour Doll Eyes
  • Made a status list for the people commissioning me, so they know where they're at. I'll update it every chance I get. 
  • I had a paid personal day and spent it getting my oil changed. I know it's bad, but I haven't had my oil changed in a little over a year -_-; I keep forgetting! <--so BAD! Which is why I made a section in my Filofax/Gillio just for my car.
  • Saw Monsters University and Man of Steel. I loved both! Monsters University was super duper cute!!!! ^_^
  • I noticed that on Saturdays, I can't seem to do anything. That's because it's always crazy busy at work and I come home exhausted. Most of my work days (lately) are opening shifts but on Saturday they gave me a mid-shift. So once I get home, I just want to flop in my chair. Plus, it seems the customers at work are more.... ..... MEAN on Saturdays :(
  • Received my Filofax: the Original in Yellow. YAY! I was so excited, I promptly moved in. <--this was purchased from the Filofax USA site. I'm still waiting on my pre-orders from Pens and Leather of the Fluro Pink [I'm getting a Personal sized one and an A5 one]. According to the tracking info, I'm supposed to get them on Tuesday. 

Well, I'm liking these weekly posts. Hoping more things will happen next week or my pages look nicer ;) Hey! As long as it's functional, right?! :D~


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