07.01.13 - innocent+twisted Alchemy's Anniversary Collection (1st & 2nd Years)

This is a late post coming... >__>; It's innocent+twisted Alchemy's 2nd year anniversary!!! Yay! *applauds* Well, it was on my birthday ;). When I first opened, I wanted it to be on my birthday mostly because if I can keep my store opened, then I'd like to remember the anniversary date. So, I thought the grand opening on my birthday would be good ^_^; In actuality (is that a word?), it's the 3rd anniversary but I re-did everything a few months after I first opened. [Confused?!?! No worries :P]

I spent months trying to figure out what to do. I knew I wanted to have new art. I spent most of my time on that. Last year, I wasn't able to do anything because of some personal issues :( This year, I had to rush and couldn't do the things I wanted but only part of it. *Sadness...* Truth is, I wanted 4 colors each sister. But I could only do 2 each.

Read on for more info and inspirations and such...

 All of the art you see was done a year ago. The one above isn't finished (I added my logo between their hands). I planned on using it as a new business card/flyer thing. 

 I love this drawing... It was a pain to draw, but I really loved it. Usually, if I love the inks... I'd be terrified of coloring it. But I did color it and I did love the colored version too. :) 
I loved the ruffles in the dress. I don't draw clothes very well :(

Anyway! I had planned on a BIG contest regarding the names of my i+t mascots (the sisters). But, I ended up naming them myself because of the lack of time. <--I wasn't able to gather up the prizes :(

So where do the names come from? Arie's name comes from one of my co-workers :P Her name is Arienne but everyone calls her "Ari". I thought that sounded so cute :) And it just stuck with me.

As for Ophelia's name, ever since I heard Emilie Autumn's "Opheliac" song, the name Ophelia stuck in my head...for...FOREVER!!!!

Onto the colors. These are limited editions and new ones are supposed to come out every year. I only did two for each sister because it's supposed to be my 2nd anniversary this year :P 

Everything was swatched over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy and in indirect sunlight

 Arie .i. (2013) - Sugary baby pink with a subtle turquoise sheen and has red and copper sparkles
Arie .i.
Arie .i.

 Ophelia .i. (2013) - Mauve with a pink sheen and has gold shimmer and flashes of green sparkle
 Ophelia .i.
 Ophelia .i.

 Arie .ii. (2013) - Baby blue that has a purple duochrome with green and aqua sparkles. Strawberrymilkmade was the one who suggested I make this color. 

  Arie .ii.
  Arie .ii.

 Ophelia .ii. (2013) - Smoky purple that shifts from mauve to gold to green and has coppery sparkles. Hard to photograph 
  Ophelia .ii.
  Ophelia .ii.
 Ophelia .ii.

I really love all these colors. Ophelia .i. was honestly a mistake color. I kept messing up :( But, eventually, I like how it came out :)

All the colors here are available (for now) in my store.  Remember, they are limited edition. So once they're gone, they're gone!


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