07.13.13 - FILOFAX WANTS!!!

You would think that after getting the Originals I would stop lemming any more planners. NOPE! Right now, I've been really wanting a Pocket Domino in Deep Pink. 
What!? But didn't you have a Domino before!? Yep, I surely did. I had a Personal Domino in Violet. But my friend needed it more than I did plus I had replaced it with the Personal Malden in Grey (which has been sold). But I really miss it.

Why a Pocket size though? You know, if you've followed me for long; I really love the Pocket size. It's what I started with. I wanted to have one to take around with me for quick reminders. I plan on only putting monthly inserts and some note paper in it. Of course I could put it in my Finsbury but I really like the Domino. Lol. ^_^; 

Lucky (maybe not?) for me, it's on sale at the Filofax USA site. It's definitely not helping my decision ;)


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