WEEK IN REVIEW 07.01.13 - 07.07.13

Using the Original Filofax in Fluro Pink. (It's finally here!!!!!!!!!)
 I've gone back to my old format. For about a month, I just did whatever when I decorated my pages. Mostly, I didn't feel like it. Sometimes, I just wanted to see how one ink color (in this case: BLACK) would look. It was too plain for me. So, back to the overly bright colors ^_^;

 On the top, I stuck on a rainbow sticky note and wrote the bills that are due this week, as a reminder. The bleed-through is from the previous week. I used Stabilo 1 mm pens/markers(?). Even though it's cotton cream paper, it bled through. How sad...

I noticed that a lot of the cute sticky notes' adhesives aren't very sticky. So I added a sticker to help it stick on more :P

 I watched a video last week (?) on how someone color coded their tasks and I thought it was a neat idea (using washi tape and writing on them). I wonder where she got the neon ones. I have the pastel and primary colored ones... but she has neon O_O; Here's a blog post by the same person. I love her color coding system, btw. 

The flash washed out my cute Tuxedo Sam sticker, so I took another photo of him :D Yay!

  • The first few days I used the Original in Retro Yellow but once I received the one in Fluro Pink, I moved right in :P
  • My order from Pens and Leather finally arrived. I pre-ordered the Originals in fluro pink in both personal and A5 sizes. When they first showed up on the site, I did a pre-order then cancelled it. Then re-did the order. I had also ordered the Original in Retro Yellow from the Filofax USA site which arrived wayyyyy faster than from Pens and Leather. I mean, I got it 2 weeks ago! [Ordered from Filofax USA 06/21/13; Arrived 06/23/13. Ordered from Pens and Leather 06/16/13; Arrived 07/02/13]
  • I've been working on my bust-shot commissions everyday. I just finished one a few days ago and am working on a new one. It's about 60% done. I have 2 more to go, after I finish that one.
  • It's been CRAZY hot this week! Over 105 degrees Fahrenheit! Luckily, it started cooling down a few days ago. Not by much, but anything is better than 105 degrees. The last few days have been about 95 degrees.
  • I always need background noise when drawing so I've been re-watching the Korean version of Boys over Flowers. You know, I've seen the Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese, and (obviously) Korean versions of it... but the best one is the Korean version. It's one of my favorite shoujo manga. ^_^
  • My Jet Pens order arrived. I'll probably do a blog post on that. It arrived very fast. I ordered before my NO BUY JULY [this is only for Filofaxes lol]. Anyway, when I received my order I laughed. I bought a pack of pens and a few single pens... I thought it was funny when the single pens were almost the same colors as the pack of pens (different brands). It must be the photography on the site? :P
  • While I was doing one of my commissions, one of the lightbulbs in my room burned out. ;___; Luckily, I was using my LED light but that thing is about to die too. So my eyes were hurting...and I had to stop. So sad. 


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