WEEK IN REVIEW 07.08.13 - 07.14.13

I used my Gillio Firenze Medium Compagna in Aubergine until two days ago. [more on that later] I switched to the Filofax Metropol (Personal-sized) in Lavender [shown above] 

 So very colorful. Though, when I first started this page [I always start by doing the borders of each day and the outer borders where I input my work schedule. Then I put in my work schedule and fill in the rest as the days go by], it was very boring. I never have a color scheme going. This is the last page I decorated in advance (3 weeks ago -_-; I don't think I'll decorate so far ahead of time again. I got tired of the pages lol).  
Only one sticker this time. A tiny "credit card" sticker. 

 When I choose pens, I just grab random ones. :P I don't care if they don't go well together as long as they're not all the same color. Used a big cake sticky-note for reminders this week. Also used this see-through sticky note flag I got at WalMart for $1. I don't like how the material makes my pen smear :( Oh well...

The "washi tape" above and below the pages are masking tape stickers that came with one of my old Korean planners. It was the last of it. Kind of glad I used it up since I've had it for about 3 years and never knew how to use it ^_^;;;;

I still liked the "writing on washi tape" idea. I plan on using the black one from now on for writing the money I owe my parents [they helped me pay off things so I have to pay them back every week]; it stands out. I liked the metallic pen I used. It didn't smear and was very easy to write on. 

Plus, I don't really know what I would use the black washi tape for ;) And since it stands out a lot...I thought it'd be used for OMG I HAVE TO DO THIS OR ELSE!-type things.

The tiny credit cards sticker is also from an old Korean planner. I didn't use a lot of the stickers so I still have a lot. I plan on using them now >_>;;; Since they're piling up in my HOARD (lol). 

As you can see, in the last few days, I didn't have much to do so I started writing bigger and experimenting with my writing. Plus the layout (instead of straight). The slanted look...was...weird. I don't think I'll do that again unless I'm bored again. Lol

Here's a close-up of one of my favorite lettering that I did on this week. I used my overly bright pens. I wanted this to be the most important because I wanted to ship all my art commissions the next day. [The post office is a ways from me. So I'd rather go all at once than have to go separately]


  • Started my Finance Log again.
  • Most of this week, I worked on my art commissions! I only have one more to go!!! YAY!!!
  • Changed the layout of this blog to be the same as my old one :P Mainly because a group I'm in wanted to add blogs to their blogroll and we all thought it was a good idea. My old layout didn't allow that so, I went back to my old one. It's okay, I like this even though it's simple :) Check out my blog roll on the bottom right :D
  • Got a bunch of overtime [we're not allowed overtime] mainly because I'm always stuck between people that are late. Late coming in to relieve me for my lunch break and late coming in to relieve me when I go home. *sigh* :/ I think I have 2 hours overtime this week. I decided to write it down. [on some days LOL
  • My art group on FB hasn't done any of the weekly challenges/weekly duties. So I'm kinda sad about that.
  • Schedule changed AGAIN. Have a closing shift now. I used to have mostly opening days and one mid-shift. Now I have one closing, 3 openings, and 1 mid-shift.
  • After finishing my art commissions I was bored. I was still obsessing over the Life Is Crafted Daily (personal-sized) inserts but couldn't bring myself to pay over $90 for them; I decided to make my own using my own art. I always wanted to have my planner to be innocent+twisted themed. When I first tried, I did them through Adobe InDesign but couldn't figure out how to add my drawings in so I tried Adobe Photoshop and it didn't work. Then, I just kept working it until I got it [will probably do a blog post on this :P]
  • Purchased printer ink because I wanted to test out the inserts (read above). I was out of the yellow and when I tried printing, it said "OH! You can't print cuz you're out of Black!" Thanks printer! You should've told me they were all out at the same time instead of making me go on two trips ;P
  • Most of the week, I used my Gillio but a few days ago, as I was putting my "finished test pages" of the inserts into it and closed the binder, I had gaps. I panicked. I mean, my Gillio was extremely expensive! I didn't know what to do. When I open the rings of my binders, I always use the tabs. Anyway, I decided it was time to give the Gillio a rest and SLIM IT DOWN too. I took out about 4 months worth of inserts. I moved into my Metropol which hasn't been used since I got my Gillio. When I closed the rings to my empty Gillio everything lined up perfectly again. *shakes head* It's perfectly fine now. Well, I decided to give my poor Gillio a rest. 
The California State Fair has started. I kind of want to go. I've only gone one time (about 3 years ago?). A bunch of my co-workers want to go too...Maybe we'll go soon :)


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