WEEK IN REVIEW: 07.15.13 - 07.21.13 (Plus, testing out custom Day on a Page inserts)

 Why, hello Gillio! You're back! Actually, this week I was extremely wishy-washy. I switched from the Metropol to the Back to School! to the Original and back to the Gillio. I mainly switched out of the Gillio because I had some problems with the rings, but I fixed them easily! YAY!

Now, onto the next post. I think I mentioned in a previous post that I decided to try my hand at making my own inserts. I really really REALLY wanted the Life is Crafted day on a page inserts. But for $90+ (that's shipping included)... I really couldn't afford it. I really bugged my friends about it too. Whined and whined... Lol! But I only wanted the actual diary inserts, nothing else. 

I was like! If I were to make my own inserts, I'd add my innocent+twisted alchemy art! I know how to use Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop! I'll do it! And that's what I did. (Long story short)
Sorry for the bad lighting -_-;
 These are still test pages! (You can see the cut-off marks LOL!) The paper trimmer I have... isn't very...good -_-; I printed them on gray paper. These are single-sided that I taped together with white washi tape. (The white washi tape is almost translucent). I used the same format as the Life is Crafted inserts, but I plan on tweaking them [as you can see I wrote some notes on what I'd like changed]

I felt that the art was enough decoration so I didn't bother decorating and just used my overly colorful pens again.

I also decided that I wanted to sell my Metropol. This was a super hard decision for me because it was my second Filofax EVER! When I tried to use it again, I just didn't like it any more :( So sad...

 I was also very depressed so, most of the tasks I wrote... I didn't check off or just didn't do. :(

 I don't know if you can see my notes, lol! It says "These images imposed in the background need to be lighter". <--so I'll have to change that. 

I have also decided that the Day on a Page inserts aren't for me. They look nice :D But I don't have THAT many things to do! Lol.

 I kind of wonder how these pages will look on white paper.... 

Look, I started doing things!!! Lol!

I've already done many of these things before this post. YAY! ACCOMPLISHED! Now I can fix up my inserts. The next few weeks I'll be posting more custom inserts but this time weekly ones. Like I said, I don't think I'm meant to use the Day on a Page ones. I think I still can...but I'll just have to skip a lot of lines to make it look full. I don't like the empty space...

  • Like I said, most of this week I was really depressed and didn't do anything. The only thing I did do was work on these custom inserts (and the weekly ones). 
  • Happy to see that a lot of people liked my inserts! :D I'm kind of wondering if I should make blank dates on them. 
  • Had a sale for my online store, which is still going on. 25% off everything until Monday :)
  • Tried starting up my Youtube Channel again. Didn't work... <--I do art videos. My battery died LOL! I was just testing it out to see how it would be again. Maybe I'll do a setup video on my Gillio ^_^;
Not much going on this week. Lol, I spent most of it sleeping and moping about. ^_^; I'm a little bit better now so, YAY!


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