08.04.13 - Kiss My Sass Subscription (July 2013)

On Facebook, Kiss My Sass Cosmetics announced that they were doing a monthly subscription. You'll get at least $10 worth of products each month with a 15% off discount with your future purchases. More information HERE. 

I wish more indie companies did monthly subscriptions. *AHEM* ^_^;

Received for this month: 2 full sized eyeshadows, 2 samples (1 sample blush and 1 sample eyeshadow), and a pink ticket.

As usual, we'll start with the samples. Everything is swatched over Milani's Eyeshadow Primer and under an LED light.

Raspberry Snow Cone (blush)

Minx (eyeshadow)

L-R: Raspberry Snow Cone and Minx

Raspberry Snow Cone - This sucker is pigmented! ^_^; It like it's namesake, it's a raspberry color and it has gold (my lighting washed out the gold :( ) and blue shimmers. This is a heavy swatch
Raspberry Snow Cone
Raspberry Snow Cone (was trying to find a way to get the gold shimmers to show up)
A light swatch. VERY VERY light swatch because like I said, this thing is pigmented!

Minx - A light beige color that changes to pink. I tried capturing it on camera but it's so hard getting duochromes to show up >_<

Can you see it here!?
Full-sizes now!


Fire in the Sky
Fire in the Sky

L-R: Savannah and Fire in the Sky

Savannah - Medium tan with golden shimmers. It looked matte (with some shimmers) in the jar! It deceived me! :P It's got a nice satin finish.

Fire in the Sky - Midnight blue with a rainbow of shimmers! GORGEOUS! Very glittery!

Hehehe! I'm in such a weird mood today. Probably glad that my internet is back up!

Back on topic! Am I keeping the subscription? Yes! It does automatically charge you monthly ($12/mo. for U.S. residents and $16/mo. for everyone outside of the U.S.) but you can unsubscribe any time! I like getting surprises! And I really loved these. My favorite was (no surprise) Fire in the Sky.

What do you think about indie companies making monthly subscriptions? Have you tried them? I've tried the Glamourdoll Eyes one too but I'm always too late to sign up for it (again). ^_^;


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