08.05.13 - Moon Rabbit Cosmetics: Lunar Bunny Club (July 2013)

As you know, I sell on Storenvy and I follow a few people. One of the stores I follow is Moon Rabbit Cosmetics. I've never ordered from them before but I had always wanted to. What's a better way than through... DUN DUN DUNnnnnnnnnnn! A monthly subscription! 
The Lunar Bunny Club (how cute is that!?) is $13.50 for 3 months (not including shipping)! From their site:

If you join the Lunar Bunny Club for 3 Moons you will receive:
a full sized product for the next three full moons. This product could be an eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, whatever awesome concoction I have made to share especially with you for this lunar cycle. Sometimes you may receive more than one item. It all depends on what I have cooked up. If you like what I sent you, tell me. If enough people say I love it, I may just make it a permanent item. If you hate it, I will try not to send you anything like that again.

[Everything's swatched over Milani's Eyeshadow Primer and under an LED light.]

Now, what did I get???

What it came with (plus a note, which I didn't take a photo of :P). That font is so cute! [Says the font queen!] Here's an ingredients' listing for the full-sized eyeshadow for the month.

The label. I think it must've rubbed on something because it's so faded. It's kind of sad because I really like her logo.

The bottom label is hand-written.

Buck Moon

Buck Moon is a beautiful taupe (my fave!!!) shade. More on the gray side (LOVE THESE!) with a metallic finish. Oh, I have a feeling I'll be wearing this everyday O_O;;; 
I was trying not to catch the light to show the color <_<
Still pretty! You can see the slight blue shimmers...

The formula is very light and feels as if the color could be blended away very easily. I can't say much about all of the Moon Rabbit Cosmetics' eyeshadows since this is my first order... except for this color, Buck Moon

Can't wait to try more! What other indies do you know that have monthly subscriptions? Let me know! ^_^


  1. These look amazing! Loving your blog!

    Lorraine xx


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