08.06.013 - Filofax (Pocket) APEX in Pink

Have you noticed I've been blogging a lot lately? I really do like to blog but I run out of topics and don't have the time or whatever. What does this have to do with this post?! You'll see, lol. 

 FilofaxUSA was having a sale of up to 60% off on certain binders. I was debating on getting a pocket Domino in Deep Pink or Violet. It's funny because I've said a few times I'm not a pink-girl. But, if you look at all of my planners, MOST are pink! What's wrong with me!? Lol!

Anway, back on topic! >_>; I wanted to get a pocket-sized one as my travel filo. Not really one to do all-out planning like my personal-sized one which keeps track of pretty much...EVERYTHING. But something that'll help me with quick reminders. 

When I went on the site and saw that the Apex was back in stock, I was all over it! I don't regret not getting the Domino at all! I love the color, the texture, and it's so cute! :P

I mean, look at it! The bright colors! (Don't you know, I like my colors bright!? :D) Look at that awesome texture!

 The back...

 I already moved in >_<; If you can't tell. As of right now, it's not overly decorated. I did personalize it a bit. This sticky note shows what I'd like for the dividers/tabs to be. 

 When I purchased the Apex, I also purchased 2013 and 2014 month on 2 pages. I think I should've waited and printed my own 2013 ones >_<; Oh well, it's already too late. Lol! I wrote in my bills' due dates, and the blog posts I'd like ...posted during that time.

Because I wanted to blog more often, I thought of putting up a schedule on blog posts. It's also what I wanted to use the month on 2 pages for. But the main purpose for this Filofax is: Blogging, Bill Reminders, Birthday Reminders, Youtube Ideas (I have an art channel that I'd like to start up again), Contact Information, and Lists (shopping lists, websites I frequent, etc.)

 Here are some finance sheets I got from an OLD (10+ years ago :P) planner I had. I also have some of the Filofax's finance inserts too. But I decided to use these first. 

 Also, in my finance section, I made (badly LOL, as you can see I printed them wrong) an IOU log. I owe my parents quite a bit of money. I kept a log before, but it was just jotted down on notepaper. I thought this would be easier to see. I made these with Adobe InDesign. I didn't feel like re-printing them just because I printed the back wrong :P So I just kept it. 

 Oh, here's the Filofax Finance inserts...

 This section is for ideas for Youtube, Stories, and etc. 

 This section is for blog ideas. I've jotted some stuff down already, just not in this photo because I didn't write in it yet ;P

 Will be using the KiddyQualia inserts I got awhile ago after the TO DO sheets are gone.

 Next section I keep my week on 2 pages that I purchased from KiddyQualia when I first got my Finsbury. Instead of leaving them to collect dust (and I'd rather use these than the ones that were provided by Filofax <--besides they're for 2014), I decided to do my 365/30 here. I saw someone else do that in a YouTube video. I don't remember who it was, but I thought it'd be fun to fill it out while I'm on my lunchbreak.

 The contacts section...

The pen I'll be using. I didn't realize it matched the blue elastic. Lol. 

All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase. Yay! I don't think I want the Domino any more. <--that might be a lie. Lol. 


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