08.06.13 - California State Fair (Picture Heavy)

Last week, I was on vacation. I didn't think I would do much but my usual: movies and mall. I was quite surprised that I did more than that. Lol. 

My first day of vacation (Tuesday), I didn't know what to do and I didn't want to stay home. So, I went to Nordstrom Rack, just to browse. But I realized (I'm so dumb LOL) that I was near the sushi place I usually go to with my friends/co-workers. I texted them up and only one replied. 

Doesn't this look delicious?

April joined me, Yay! She said she wasn't really doing anything and was planning on working on her art commissions.

I some sushi (above) and this Oyako-don *drools*. I took photos of April's food but I accidentally deleted it. *sigh* I'm so smart. After our lunch, we went next door to Utrecht to check out their art supplies. I needed to get a COPIC Colorless Blender because I was out [I need to learn to just buy refills because it'll be cheaper! But I needed it]. Unfortunately, they didn't have it. We spent quite a while there and afterwards, we decided to go to another art supply store downtown. April drove since my tire was bad and was scared it'll pop if I drove too far. 

Unfortunately, they were closing once we arrived -_-; We spent quite a long time wandering around all day. We went to Barnes & Noble by the mall. Then, we both headed home. 

On Thursday, Stefanie and I went to the California State FairThis was my second time going EVER. It's held every year around the same time. The other time I went was about two years ago (?). These photos are out of order because the first few photos you'll see are from my Instagram.

This is the front of the Fair. Right before you go in to pay for your ticket. 

Was on the monorail when I took this photo...

Stef taking a rest with some caramel corn. We were quite early... so most of the rides and such weren't opened yet. But the Fair is pretty big.... I think we had walked around for an hour when I took this photo of her. 

Stef wanted to try the deep fried Snickers. I should've tried something weird too... 

The "weirdest" thing I tried was this GIANT brick of curly chili fries. I was expecting normal curly fries ;__; Oh well. Lol.

Funnel Cake. Me and Stef shared this... we both wanted to try it, we've never had Funnel Cake before. 

While I was waiting on my curly fries in the HOT sun (it was 95 degrees Fahrenheit), I smelled smoke. I wondered if there was a fire at the fair. NOPE! It was on the news, there was a grass fire nearby. Like... a block away from the Fair!

I was like "awww...no more Funnel Cake?" :P

This was when we were leaving...

Let's begin with regular photos from my point and shoot camera!

The first thing we did after we got our ticket was take a ride on the Monorail. I'm terribly afraid of heights and the last time I was on there, I was freaking out :P But I think I did okay this time. <--It didn't help that on the news, the Monorail was having technical difficulties and stopped midway through a few days before...

Some of the view of the Fair...

Stef, enjoying her ride

One of the many stages around...

Ferris Wheel! So colorful! ;P

After the Monorail, we wandered a bit. Nothing was really opened except for the food vendors. We were early. You can see the Monorail going in the photo above...

Stef wanted a photo of the California bear :P

The artist areas were opened during that time so we wandered through those areas. They range from kids to adults: arts and crafts. 

We were in the kids' art areas...
My favorite! I thought this was super cute :D

I'm always jealous of people who can do minimal art. 

My favorite artist (a teen!!!) in the whole frikkin place! That's not a weird reflection on the glass! It's really the art! Isn't that amazing!??!

The artist's name! She's local!

Another of the artist's work! 

In the next building they had a cooking show going on and kids' prized grown vegetables and jams and etc

We left the buildings and went outside. There was a 9/11 Memorial Plaza. Stef says it's always been there since...

The bells ring every hour.

A piece of the World Trade Center..

It was really sad... :( I remember when 9/11 happened... 

We headed off to the buildings again (Yay for air conditioning!). This building was about all of California.

I can't take a normal photo...EVER :D

This time it's for kids' engineering-type exhibits. 

So cute :D
This car really transforms!

Back outside in the heat. 

Stef wanted to check out the "5th Dimension Experience". It was made by FOX 40 (local TV station) and was just a 3D show :P

Stef with her 3D glasses on. We were waiting for our turn... We were the last to be let in (for this group).

More art! I loved this drawing, it looks like a photo but was done with colored pencils! 

This photo is SO cute. I don't know if you can see. It's a miniature man with a fly swatter...and there's a fly on the wall :D

That's the photographer. Not local. 

We wandered around some more...We were getting hungry. 

I don't know why I took this photo LOL

I got a corn dog. I haven't had a corn dog in YEARS!!!

Stef wanted to check out the Superheroes exhibit. 

The Hulk!
The Batmobile from the old show...

Better photo? :P


What...What's that I see?

I don't watch Dr. Who. *runs away!* Don't kill me! Mainly because I don't have TV >_< :P But, I know what it is Lol.

Iron Man!
They had an exhibit on the Emancipation Proclamation. We spent a lot of time here reading all the interesting facts :)

I should've taken more photos >_<

Lol! I had to take a photo of this because before I moved here... I came from Butte County :P <--we were wandering around the vendors and the California exhibits (different counties and such)

Some strange Fair food... The thing I wanted to try that was weird... FRIED WATERMELON!

Can you see that sign!? Now that is totally artery-clogging! Krispy Kreme Burger!!! OMG >_<;

During this time, we were getting really tired. Plus we were sitting right under a fan that had water spritzers... Oh it was heaven! Lol.

Stef got some fries and I got my "poop on spaghetti". HEY! It looks like it! Lol. 

Tell me, it doesn't look like it! :P

Our funnel cake...

We were going to ride the monorail again but it was closed by that time. We were there from 11am - 7pm. We didn't go on any rides. We caught a concert (kind of...we walked in the middle of it LOL), and watched little piglets being born O_o; etc etc. ^_^;

Stef was thinking about the long walk ahead, to get out of the fair AND to her car. We parked a few blocks away so we didn't have to pay for parking ($15!). ^_^;;; 

It was fun. I want to go again :D I got sunburned and about 3 shades darker LOL. 


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