08.10.13 - Pixel Bunny Cosmetics

Someone had recommended that I purchase from Pixel Bunny Cosmetics. Her site is located on Etsy and just recently opened (June 2013). So, what do I think????
Btw, my WACOM tablet is finally working... I'm trying to use it so you'll see my writing on all the photos (as practice). 
Shipping was very fast! VERY FAST! I was surprised! I even got a message saying that my order would be delayed because she was waiting on more jars from her supplier. It still didn't take long. About, 2 business days! It was as if she personally FLEW her order to me! (Okay, maybe not :P).
Awww, look at the nice note she wrote me. Thank you Nessie! :D

All colors are swatched under an LED light and over Milani's Eyeshadow Primer

Maybe I should've chosen a different color to write in O_O; that's BLINDING! Anyway, look at how cute the labels are!!! 

I purchased the full sized Adventure Time Collection. Each color has a different label :)

The bottom of the label. Look at the widdle bunny! It's so cute :D 
Ingredients listing and whether it's safe for ____ or not. 

Why'd you eat my Fries?

When I first took this photo, I was like "is that my hair on the jar?" Nope, it's it's nose :P


I don't watch Adventure Time so I don't know if any of the art on the jars correlate to the series. ^_^;;; But this is super cute

All three...

Why'd you eat my Fries? [Because they're delicious? :P] - This is a black base with a deep red sheen, It has some blue and red shimmers 

Unacceptable!!!! - Pearl yellow with some golden shimmers

I Steal Jewels  - Pale blue with some silvery shimmers



Mathematical - A green that has a blue undertone and blue shimmers. There's a subtle golden tone to it too...

Bacon Pancakes - [Whoops! One photo only!] This is a shimmery peach-champagne color. 

Fresh to Death - Mauve with golden shimmers

Well, how's the formula? It's pretty damned good! It's smooth, velvety, and very blendable. LOVE! The colors aren't overly glittery but they all have shimmer to them. From what I can see on her store, these are the only colors she has, so far! Her store also reminds me a bit of Shiro Cosmetics. What with the geek theme and the actual formula. Would I recommend this company? Definitely! I can't wait to see more :D


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