08.10.13 - Planner, you need to go on a diet!!!

My planner needs to go on a diet. Cuz it's FAT! (the same could be said about me but we're talking about my planner here ;D). I tried dressing him in my Gillio which could normally hold more, but even in the Gillio, it's gotten too big and heavy. I'm sorry, planner. You have to go on a diet.

Please don't mind my silliness. My Wacom tablet is finally working and I'm trying to practice digital art and get used to the tablet... (which explains the below images :P I'm trying to get used to it)

 Says you! ^_^;

 Of course you're full! You've got a full year in you PLUS other inserts!

 I can't help it! In the Original it's really hard to close the clasp and look how it bulges :P

 It popped open... -_-;

 I took out all the diary inserts from the first time I used the personal size until last week and the unused diary (from tomorrow until the rest of 2013. You'll see below, why) I, also, took out my i+t inserts because that's going into my A5, where I'm keeping all my online store stuff in. [I'm still working on setting it up]

My planner is such a liar...

 Before I took out all the inserts, there wasn't any room in the rings...

 When I made these last week, I messed up. You can see the cut off lines ;__; I accidentally printed a lot. Oh well. I'll use them Lol. There's about 30 days worth in here. (these are day on a page)

 Isn't that the truth? I've put in the new inserts and there's still room to spare. But... I keep a lot in my planner... (as you can see).

I had a hard time taking out my inserts. I'm kind of a pack rat LOL. So I wanted to keep my old ones in here... but decided to part with them. Taa daa~!!! We'll see how this will go. I need to find a place to archive my old ones...


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