08.17.13 - Compact Calipso in Bright Blue

If you've read my THIS post, you'll know that my planner is pretty ginormous. Sometimes, my bag isn't big enough to handle it. So I wanted a compact sized one. 

But, don't you have a Back to School! one? Why, yes, I do. But, it's being used for blog ideas (only). Now what? 

I looked on the site and decided that I wanted the Calipso. The one I wanted, in bright blue, wasn't in stock on Filofax USA's site, but it was on Pens and Leather's site. I know a few people have had bad experience with that site, so far, I haven't. 

 I think I bought the last one because after I got mine, there was an ETA on a new stock shipment time. Whoops! I had to sell off two of my Filofaxes (Metropol and MODE) to get this. It's okay because after some time I realized I didn't want them any more. 

When I first saw him (yes, it's a HIM), I fell in love! Unfortunately, none of my photos could capture the gorgeous blue color. My camera hated the color or something and washed out the color. 

This is a macro shot of the texture of the planner. It smells lovely! It's also very soft to the touch :)

 While all of my photos show this as a true blue color, I can tell you that it's almost a royal blue shade. But under a camera flash it becomes this bright blue. What a unique color O_O;

 The Filofax logo...

 The croc-printed texture of the clasp....

 Embossing on the inside cover...

 I moved right in once I got it. I just started using it as a wallet... There are 5 card slots and a fully elastic pen loop. It fits my multi-pen! Yay! 

 There's also a full-length pocket. The art you see is done by Yuumei.. I got to meet her at a local anime/manga convention and bought a few prints. This is one of them. It's one of my favorite pieces she's done.

 On the inside back cover, there's a zippered pocket and that's it. 

 I was surprised that it came with Week on 2 Page inserts (rest of 2013 and all of 2014). I thought it would be like the Back to School! one and just have dividers and notepaper. 

 Peek-a-boo! I got this crown bookmark clip thing from that same convention I mentioned above. 

I love the compact size. It's great for just taking your diary on the go. That's what I plan on using it for. I already started. Lol. 


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