08.26.13 - Lancome: Rouge in Love (353 Roses in Love)

 My on-going search for the perfect rose shade lippie may have come to a halt!!! WHAT?! You heard me :P
I was in ULTA a month (?) ago and was just killing some time. Across the way, I saw something out of the corner of my eye! Omg! Is that a rose color!? 

 The bullet size of this is quite small. Compared to normal lipsticks. I forgot to include a comparison photo. 
Anyway, this is the bottom of the label. It doesn't show the name of the lipstick. :/ I had to look it up. 353 Roses in Love

 Yes,  it's slightly shimmery as you can see in the photo.

 Bare lips. Whoops! Shadow! >_>;

What a pretty rose color. Mwahahaha! I love it! The only thing I don't like about it... is the smell. :( It kind of reminds me of how "old lady" lipstick smells. But, it's a light scent, not overly strong. 

It's very light and moisturizing. It kind of feels like a slippery lip balm (in a good way). 

Does this mean my search for the perfect rose shade is over? Who knows! Maybe :)


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