08.31.13 - Kiss My Sass Subscription (August 2013)

My Kiss My Sass Subscription arrived awhile ago. Just hadn't had the chance to do a post. Anyway! Here we go! This month includes: a full sized eyeshadow and a full sized cream blush (and of course the two samples)

Everything is swatched under an LED light and over Milani's Eyeshadow Primer

As usual, we'll start off with the samples 
Ghostly Apparition

Witch Hunt 

L-R: Ghostly Apparition and Witch Hunt

Ghostly Apparition - a shimmery and very creamy (texture) white with golden shimmers that make it look quite... off-white in color. It's an unusual color but very nice

Ghostly Apparition
Here, you can see more of the golden shimmers

Witch Hunt - This is a charcoal that has gold, blue, and aqua shimmers

Witch Hunt
Look at that sparkle!


Now, onto the full-sized products

The Garden

The Garden

The Garden - Oh dear gawds this is beautiful! It's a very pale sage green that has a shimmery purple duochrome.

The Garden
Can you see the purple!?!?

The Garden
How about here? :P

Now, onto the cream blush. I love this packaging! It's so sleek!

The bottom label.



Madness - Left: heavy swatch; Right: blended out
Madness, to me, looks like a raisin color. I think this could also work well for contouring :)

Here's another shot of Madness

What do you think of this month's? Have you subscribed?
Interested? Here's where you can subscribe. 

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