Week in Review: 07.22.13 - 08.04.13 (With Custom WO2P inserts)

First, I'd like to apologize for the lighting in this post. The sun was setting and I didn't realize how bad it was until I saw them. So I lightened it up a bit in Photoshop. I'm also sorry for the late post, as I've said in my previous post, my internet died for a week (lol! I wrote it on some days).

Back to the actual post! Using my custom inserts again. Instead of the Day on 1 Page, I'm testing out the Week on 2 Pages. 

Still in my Gillio. [Medium Compagna in Croco Mat Aubergine, for those who didn't know]
I don't know if you can tell, but all of my inserts are printed on gray paper. I think it makes my bright colored pens stand out but not in a blinding way. Added a few stickers and washi tape. I was trying to figure out how to decorate these pages...But I think the colorful pens were good enough for decorations :P

I like how the WO2P came out. I did change it a bit so it would match with the other WO2P inserts I did and it would also match the DO1P. But these are just test inserts. I put the dates on the side because I really don't like how a lot of the planner inserts have the date right below the line and the rectangular box isn't PERFECT! Normally, I'm not a matchy-matchy person (can't you tell by my planner pages?! ;P) but I think it has to do with the graphic designer in me. *nods* It drives me insane! :P *huffs*

This week, I was on vacation. So, I didn't have much to do. ^_^; Plus with the internet dead I couldn't really work on my online store's orders. It's kind of hard to print invoices from your phone ;) I was also feeling down again. It seems to be a running theme in July because it happened again last week. *sigh*.

In fact, I neglected my planner a lot these last two weeks except for the last few days. BAD LINDA!

Very minimal... >_<; 

Week 07.22.13 - 07.28.13 in Review!
  • Only worked one day that week. Had vacation from Tuesday - Sunday. My brother came up over the weekend, we hung out a bit.
  • Kintoki-Con and the California State Fair were going on. It was the State Fair's last week this week. I got to go with my friend, Stefanie. ^_^ I didn't think she would go because... She messed up at work...BADLY. In fact...she got fired because of it :( They made it official today [they were trying to see if they could get our corporate office to give her another chance...but no :( ] But we did go. I'll be doing a post on it soon. I just have to upload a billion photos
  • This is how my vacation days were:
    • Tuesday: Had lunch with a friend and we ended up spending the whole day together. I thought we were just going to have lunch. Lol
    • Wednesday: Stayed home and did...nothing :P
    • Thursday: Went to the State Fair with Stefanie
    • Friday: Replaced my messed up tire and watched movies: Pacific Rim and Monsters University
    • Saturday: Went to Kintoki-Con with my brother
    • Sunday: Had Dim Sum with the family
  • Had a small flash sale on my online store
  • Worked on my last commission and actually recorded myself doing it! Hopefully, I won't mess up when I finish it. >_>

So sad... But look how BRIGHT my pink pen stands out! Lol


Second version of my WO2P inserts. While I was filling orders, I noticed that I was out of things, so I wrote on a memo, punched it and stuck it in where I would see it :D --> In the way of my planner

Like I said above, the last few weeks, I've been sort of down. So my planner has been very...sparse. I think it was because a lot of my friends were feeling depressed and they were telling me all of their problems and I guess it got to me. 

Anyway! Back on topic! Back from vacation and they shoved me into a different department at work! I knew it was coming, just didn't know when. They were training me (and another supervisor) to be backups. Jennifer (the other supervisor) has finished training and it's my turn now. I was kind of stressing because I had no idea what I was doing.

I guess I was mentally and emotionally exhausted so the only thing I really did was... worked on my orders since the internet finally came back on!

Lol I had to write "trash day" because they recently changed the day they picked up our garbage. 
Like I said, the last few days I started to actually do things and check things off too. Yay! 

All in all, I really like these inserts. I wish there was more room though :P I wonder if I could make these 2 Days on a Page... Interesting... I'll have to note that down ;)

I need to remember this! Lol!

Week 07.29.13 - 08.04.13 in Review:

  • Many depressed friends :(
  • The last few days I worked a lot on fixing up my inserts. I think I'm just going to do printables. My "cut off" marks keep showing up :( *sigh*
  • Received my OHWTO and FilofaxUSA orders. [Future posts!]
  • Finished the Filofax Photo a Day Challenge. Instead of doing the new one, I'm going to be doing a 30 Day Drawing challenge. ^_^; 
  • Decided to join Paper Lovestory's Weekly Roundup ^_^ I mean, I do these posts already, so why not? :P


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