Week in Review: 08.05.13 - 08.11.13

 Back in the Original because I missed it's sleek-ness. ^_^;;; And look how cheerful it is. I need it for the past few weeks...
I think I'm experiencing the dreaded planner fail. I think it started a few weeks ago...

 Quick overview. The Rilakkuma sticky note I purchased recently at the local Sanrio store. I wanted it so I could write my list of bills that are due this month. (I write them all out first, then transfer them to my monthly inserts). The only problem I had with the sticky note is... the obvious, it's big and covers up everything. Maybe I should find a flyleaf and stick it on there instead. 

This week, as you can see, I went back to my Filofax week on 2 pages (cotton cream) inserts. I wanted tod decorate. I used my masking tape stickers YAY! Those things are kind of fun :P 

I also started a 30 day drawing challenge on Instagram. Though, honestly, I haven't felt like drawing much. So I've kind of failed on that. 

 In the stickers way up top, it says it's my second week in Audit. For some reason, I have to be trained in the Audit department in my store. So, that's what that is. I'll be there for a month and maybe more. I just wanted to keep track of how long I've been there. Not much has happened this week... So I wrote... BIG :P

 I didn't think anything would happen/needed to do anything so, like I said. I wrote BIG on a lot of my days. Then, I started getting things I had to do. So, I used these memo sheets and hole-punched them and made lists on them... :P That teaches me to write BIG! Hey, it's okay! I have a ton of these memo sheets ;)

 >_< The first thing on this list... I was sending an e-giftcard from Starbucks and for some reason it took my money but NEVER sent the card! So I did a dispute on Paypal. It says I have to wait 30 days *sigh*....

My Wacom tablet started working again so I thought I would try and do the 30 day challenge with my tablet. Not working... Lol. Mainly because I've not felt like drawing.

My friend finally finished the artwork used for my latest collection for my online store. So, I had to do a bunch of things for it. That's what most of this list is.  

I decided to sell my Metropol and my MODE. I had a hard time parting with them but... they're not really being used... So, I thought I'd see who wanted them :)

Normally, I'll write a Week in Review at the end of these posts, but nothing really happened this week. Lol. THE END? ^_^;;;;


  1. LOVE all your bright colors and lettering!!!.. But now I'm wondering what pens you used, and if/how they didn't bleed through to the other side of the paper??... Sunday was funny! DID you wash your car? (0;

    1. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to wash my car ;___; Hopefully, I'll be able to this weekend.

      The pens I used are these cheap gel pens I purchased about 2 years ago (LOL) from the local grocery store. The brand is Academix and it's a 12 pack and costs $2.99; I actually just purchased another pack because I really like how bright it looks in my pages :)


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