WEEK IN REVIEW 08.19.13 - 08.25.13

Planner: Filofax Compact Calipso in Bright Blue
Pens Used: (not in order) Papermate FLAIR, Uniball Signo Angelic (series), Pilot Frixion 07, and Pilot G2 pens
Inserts: My own custom DO1P (Day on 1 Page) printed on gray/grey (??) paper

I thought I would start doing that format now. Everyone's always asking what pens I use... :P

 The decorations I've started to use are the Masking Tape stickers. Most of the time, I only just stick it on where I write in the months and days. I feel like if I try to add any more, it's a little over-kill. Again, I've been trying to use up my stickers and sticky notes. The stickers are mostly added on after the day is over. 

I've seen people put cute sticky notes on their pages but they don't write on them. I tried doing that... I don't think it works for me :P

 I was so mad about this! Lol!

 The flash washed out the color of the ink but it's not THAT light/bright. It's easily visible (well, maybe not the yellow ;P which is why I only use it for borders) I got distracted this day and couldn't do a lot of my tasks >_>
 The top of the sticky note (bottom right) kind of looks like a thumb (KIND OF :P) I thought my thumb got in the way, then I realized "Why does my thumb look diseased?" :P

 It says "Design A5 inserts for i+t planner" <-- I bought an A5 Original in fluro pink; but after that day I decided to sell it. I don't think an A5 would work out for me. It's too big :P And I'd rather have things all in one place. 

 Still haven't figured out what I'm doing on the 27th and it's in a few days. I have a paid day off and I don't particularly want to stay home. All my friends have to work that day :(

Hehehe, I wasn't paying attention to where I was writing my work schedule and wrote it in the "Today's Tasks" section ;)

 The start of my closing days. I hadn't closed in 2 months (?) and I never realized how tiring it is. I used to love closing shifts, but since they cut hours... we don't have enough people and... it's just exhausting.

 Used my Pilot G2 pens on this page...

 The magenta is the G2 pen and the green is the Papermate FLAIR

 Tried being boring and minimal with color. I was testing out the Frixion pen. :P Most of these haven't been done yet since... I just woke up and did this post. 

I loved these :P


  • When I got the Calipso I decided to try and use it as a wallet. I've been trying to minimize things I carry in my bag and I love that the Calipso has a bunch of card slots. But, I was in a rush on Monday and forgot it at home ;__; I needed to ship something out and I had to drive to work. I prayed that I didn't get pulled over :P I had to email the person who ordered stuff from me that I couldn't ship out her items. I felt so bad :( But I did ship it out the next day! Yay! From then on, I decided that once my day was over and I've finished filling out the next day's tasks, I would throw it (my planner) in my bag! Lol! Whoops!
  • They changed my schedule temporarily (although, the schedule I've been having for the past month has been temporary too...) because two of the supervisors had personal days/vacation days off and they needed me back in my department. I've been training in a different department (as a backup) for the past month. I'm back to that schedule starting tomorrow and I have a few more weeks left of training.
  • My friend told me I should check out Blogilates. I did, and it looked interesting. I think I'd like to start next month because she has a calendar that starts at the...start (:P) of the month. I know I've gained some weight recently because I've been depressed and I am an emotional eater :( 
  • I haven't been feeling like drawing lately and it's been making me sad. So, I decided to do something I normally wouldn't do. Fanart. I decided to draw something that made me want to start drawing in the first place. I drew Chun Li from the Street Fighter series. I would work on it slowly almost every day. It's still not done. The link above is the most recent "update".
  • I've been selling off a lot of my Filofax collection lately. This week, I sold my pocket Finsbury in Antique Rose. It kind of makes me sad because that was my first one...
  • I finally finished my last commission! FINALLY!  I don't know why it took me so long to do it. The funny thing is, the hardest part was done for the longest time (pencils and inks). All I had to do was color. I think one of the reasons is I was recording myself inking and coloring it. Setting up my camera was a pain :( I don't have much room on my desk. Plus, it was for my friend. I hope she'll like it. I feel bad that it took so long. I also had a hard time coloring. I think it's because I haven't colored in so long :(
  • Lastly, the reason I'm selling off most of my Filofax family [will only keep the pocket Apex and Compact Calipso] is because I purchased another Gillio. Not a medium sized one but a pocket sized one. I told myself that if I were to buy another Gillio, the next one would be a pocket sized. I can't wait for it to come in :) I wish it was here right now! I think I'll have to decide if I want to keep the Apex but I have a feeling that I will because I love it so much :P 


  1. I love Blogilates. Word of advice: Try out the beginner's calendar to start. I have her DVD and I was sore for days!!! (and that was when I had been working out regularly and rarely ever got sore.) Check out Tone It Up as well. They also have lots of workouts on Youtube and such.

    1. Oh yes, I'm definitely trying out the Beginner's Calendar. I'm going to start it ...tomorrow! :) I've been going through their site (my friend recommended it to me) for the past week :P


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