09.07.13 - Gillio Firenze: Medium Compagna Mat Croco in Grey

For those who were wondering what on earth happened to my Aubergine?. I did a trade with someone in the Gillio Firenze FB Group. Basically, she was in love with the aubergine but they were sold out. I was in love with the grey and they were sold out. So, we did a trade ^_^; 

I noticed right out of the box that the leather was a little stiffer than the Aubergine. (Not like it's a bad thing). How do I compare it? The Aubergine was like a Filofax Malden. It was very soft and floppy and the leather felt kind of chalky (I can't explain it). 

This Grey one is still very soft, but not as soft as the Aubergine... and is like the Filofax Calipso. It's still very flexible but not as flexible as the Aubergine. Like I said above, the Aubergine felt a little chalky (powdery? <--but not) while the Grey felt like there's a slight gloss to it. 

I'm wondering if it has to do with the fact that this has been with two other owners? 

 Gillios' colors are very difficult to capture with on camera because the color changes depending on the lighting. It may look like a pale beige in this photo...

 and in this MACRO photo...

 But then look at it now. I think THIS photo captures the color perfectly. The Grey is a beige with yellow highlights and grey (gray?) markings. 

 Here's a photo of the closure...

 The back.

 So sad :( If anyone knows how to get rid of this pen mark, please let me know. It was like this when I got it, but I knew about it. 

The inside cover....

Close-up of the patch of leather "dashboard" it comes with. 

This is the most accurate photo I could get of the color. Stop changing colors :P

 As you can see, the inside front cover has a small card slot (?) and a pocket.

 Right behind that pocket, there's a gusseted zippered pocket.

 In back of THOSE pockets/slots is a secretarial pocket. 

Their infamous full-length pocket

 Yay! I haven't put anything in there yet. I just received this yesterday ^_^;

 Close-up of the pen loop. 

 Oh, what? It's elasticated. It fits my multi-pen.

 The back cover has another secretarial pocket that also holds 6 card slots

 Here's the secretarial pocket...

Anyway, I really do love this and I kind of miss my Aubergine. But, it's okay because I love the Grey more. 
I also thought it was interesting that my custom inserts (printed on gray paper) look better in this than the Aubergine ^_^. (I just flipped to a random page in my Diary). 


  1. It's like it was meant to be! Lovely lovely grey.. For me it feels calming, this colour.. And being croco has that wonderful dynamic character.. Plus it is magical! Changes colour with different light.. Just lovely!

    1. I never thought of that, but I guess you're right. It IS a calming color :)

  2. So beautiful! The colors are amazing...and yes, colorS because it is ever-changing! GORGEOUS!

  3. Amodex might work on the ink stain. Use the tiniest bit; the cotton swab should be almost dry so it doesn't run all over the place. Good luck. Lovely planner! I have it in blue.

  4. Hairspray will get ink out of clothing, but I do not know if it's worth a try on your planner. Maybe try a cotton swab as Susan suggested with the Amodex. Good luck!

  5. Have you ever thought of selling this planner or do you know anywhere I could get this like in a group or anything? I NEED this in my life!! :)


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