09.12.13 - My Online Store's Planner (Work in Progress)

Today, I'm going to show you what I use my Kikki.k 2014 Leather Time Planner in Medium for. 

It's kind of obvious what I use it if you've read the title of this post. I was wanting a personal-sized planner to use for organizing my online store. If you didn't know, I make mineral eyeshadow. It's really hard to keep track of everything especially during the holiday season. My store has been open for almost 3 years and like any retailer, it gets pretty hectic during that time.

Originally, I was going to use my A5 The Original in fluro pink for my store but I decided that the A5 size just wasn't for me. (I'm trying to sell it, at this moment). When I saw the Kikki.K planner, I knew I could use that for my store. But it was quite pricey (shipping from Australia).... so I kept putting it off. Until someone in the Filofaxes and Pens For Sale Facebook group put hers up for sale. It was a great deal and she was also located in the U.S.

Anyway, here she is!
 It's a gorgeous mint color (doesn't show in these photos -_-; ) with gold polka dots. It's so cute! Mint has been one of my favorite colors lately. Honestly, when I first saw this, I thought it was a non-leather binder. But, it really is a leather binder.

 Here's a MACRO shot of the texture of the leather...

 A MACRO shot of the elastic band...

 TAA DAA! It's still not stuffed yet because I have yet to fill it up. (As you'll see below)

 Here's what it looks like when you flip open the cover...

It doesn't exactly lay flat but with some training, I know it will be able to. 

It has 2 card slots and a bigger slot on the inside cover.

 Behind that is a secretarial pocket

It has a completely elasticated pen loop

The inside of the back cover has a slot where you can put a pad of paper or well...anything.

I decided to have a theme for this planner and that's EGL (aka Elegant Gothic Lolita) art. Well, actually... art by Kira Imai. This is my favorite illustration from her, which is why I'm using it as my front cover. All my dividers were made by scanning in Filofax dividers, measuring out where the ends of the dividers were, adding the images I wanted, added text, cut and laminated them all. 

 Anyway, I have side tabs (will let you know what my top tabs are after these) These are what they are (what a bad photo, sorry)
Left to Right: 
1. Regular line e/s (e/s = eyeshadow)
2. Collections
3. Blushes
4. Discontinued
5. Labels
6. Subscribers
7. To Do
8. Suppliers

 Here are the top tabs (Only 3). From left to right:
1. Diary
2. Tracking #
3. Ideas

I wanted these top tabs to be separated from the side tabs because I feel that these dividers will be used the most

What are these dividers used for?
 Regular Line e/s  - List of my regular line

 Collections - List of collections and what's in each collection

 Blushes - List of blushes

 Discontinued - List of discontinued products. I keep this list in case my customers want me to bring back any of my products.

 Diary - Tracking how many sales I've done each day 
 Using the Kikki.k monthly (1 month on 2 pages) inserts that came with it.
 I'll log in the total sales I do on each day. I don't have the rest of 2013 since the Kikki.k inserts start in 2014. So I purchased a printable (super cute and perfect for the theme of this planner) from The Delightful Deer

 Tracking # - Log for tracking #'s and invoices. I've always kept a log, but I did it in a regular notebook. I wanted it to be with all my store's things...which is why I made a custom log. I used Adobe InDesign to create it.

 Printed on gray paper... [why do I always print on gray paper? The colored paper I have is thicker than the white ones I have]

 I don't know if you can see it.... (left to right): Customer Name, Order Date, Order Amount, Invoice #, Tracking #, Ship Date, Ship Amount [so I know how much to charge for shipping in case the price for postage raises], Delivery Date (so I can send an email for -->, Rating? Y/N [If the customer rated my store or not].

 Subscribers - This is kind of the main reason I decided to make this planner. I plan on doing a monthly subscription and I'd like to keep track of who has purchased these subscriptions. Plus, like I said I wanted to keep my tracking # log all in one place. 

 Also, it gives me a reason to use up all these address inserts from Filofax ...

 and Kikki.k ^_-

 Ideas - I always have ideas for new colors, collections or names. I thought it'd be nice to just jot them all in one place.

 This TO DO insert from Filofax is supposed to be a list of collections I want to release. As you can see I haven't filled it out yet [I JUST finished setting it up NOW lol]. But there is a big list -_-;

 TO DO - This is different than the previous one because while the previous one was IDEAS, this is going to consist of custom inserts (when I've finished making them) that will have a big checklist of things I need to do when I release a collection. It's actually a lot of things I have to do. 

And last, but not least... Suppliers - List of suppliers where I buy my supplies from :)

Anyway, that's about it. I think I'll update this when I've actually finished and show how it looks in use.



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