09.22.13 - Gillio Pocket Compagna in Beige overview and Week in Review

 A few weeks ago, my Pocket Compagna in Beige arrived. I promptly moved in. I moved only my monthly and weekly diary inserts from my Filofax Apex. 

These photos were taken with a flash since it showed the color more clearly. 

 A lot of people wanted to see the color comparison between the Grey and the Beige. While they look similar, it's very obvious that the Grey is much cooler in tone. 

Here's a closeup of the leather on the front...

 The back

 Closeup of the back

 Taa daa! Btw, there's an option on the site if you want inserts or not. I didn't, but they did send dividers and other inserts (non-diary inserts).  [Didn't take photos of those]

It has 5 card slots (I took out my Driver's License so you could see it :P).

 A secretarial pocket.

 Full length pocket, which I keep cash in.

 And another secretarial pocket on the back. The pen loop is also elasticated, as it can fit my multi pen. 

 The only issue I had with this is the ring size. It's 18mm. Quite small, like a compact Filofax. Mine didn't come with a leather patch dashboard. I don't know if it's like that for all the pocket sized Gillios. I don't mind, actually as it does take up room.


Now, onto my week. I didn't have a very productive week. I had to be at work for 6 days. (If you even call the 6th day a WORK day). 

 Not much decorating except for washi tape here and there and of course my colored pens. 
My smoke detector's battery is dying. So, it's been annoyingly beeping at me EXTREMELY loud and during the wee mornings when normal people are asleep. ;__; We have high ceilings and my parents weren't home. And I'm afraid of heights. -_-; Unfortunately, I couldn't get it changed. But I think the battery just gave out because it's not beeping at all any more. Will change it soon!

 Really, not productive....at all. My friends were having issues in their lives. All at once and they all called and messaged me non-stop for days. So I was distracted by them. 

 I love how these washi tape colors look against the lime green paper :P

 Still working on this today. ^_^;

Well, that's it for this week. I've used this Gillio for two weeks already and I love it as a wallet. I just wish the rings for the planner were a little bigger. 


  1. The rings in a Pocket Filofax are either 15mm or 19mm, with most being 19mm. Sometimes it really is that tiny bit extra that makes all the difference!


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