Week in Review 08.26.13 - 09.01.13

 Planner: Gillio Medium Compagna in Croco Aubergine
Inserts: My own custom DO1P (Day on 1 Page) on gray paper
Pens: Papermate Flair, Academix Gel Pens, Sakura Gelly Roll, and Zebra Sasara Clip Pens

Please excuse the lighting. It's quite muggy out...
 Used some Masking Tape-like stickers that were included in an old Korean planner I used before, but never used any of the stickers. No idea why! Also used some of the actual Masking Tape stickers.

Most of the week, I used my Papermate Flair pens. If I press too hard [which I'm known to do], it does show up on the other side (as you can see in the photo above). 

 As you can see, I wrote "SICK". That's what's been going on with me. I caught a cold :( and I still have it (as of now). I blame the drastic weather changes we've been having... ;__;

 I just like how this looked so I took a closer shot of it ;)

This page is so boring ;__; 


 No, you POWER UP! I really liked that sticker! Lol ^_^

 For the life of me I couldn't spell Blogilates!

 My "Why am I so lazy?" was because despite all the tasks I've assigned myself, I haven't completed a lot of them. Bad, Linda!

 The start of BILL TIME, again! Wrote them all on a Rilakkuma sticky note and stuck it on my ruler. It's easy to see because, how can you miss it? LOL!

 I put this on a memo sheet. These things don't have to be done ASAP but just a reminder. The "REMINDER" is a sticky note from a set I purchased from Michael's in the $1 bins... I cut off the decorated part and stuck it on my memo :)

Don't laugh.... I put the decorations on the wrong day. The stupid thing is, I knew her birthday was the day before too. Maybe I just wanted more space to decorate on.... Yeah... >_>;;;; Okay, you can laugh. -_-;


  • At work, on Monday; I had a pretty crappy day. This week I was supposed to go back to the Audit department to train but they shoved me back in my department and didn't tell me why. They also messed up the schedule so the only thing they could do was volunteer one of the supervisors to have a split lunch. Guess who they chose? My second lunch break came a lot later than was supposed to because of the reason they put me in my department. We had new hires. They needed me to get them situated [I used to hire for our store for 2 1/2 years. But that was about 2 years ago...The one that does them now wasn't here that day...so I had to do it ;/]. They only told me 5 minutes before all the new hires arrived. THANKS PEOPLE! -_-; Just...an overall bad day. This was the day I started to feel sick.
  • YAY for PAID DAYS OFF!!!! Unfortunately, I didn't know what to do ;__; At the last minute, I asked two co-workers to go and have lunch (sushi!!!) with me. Tammy had to go to work right after and April left to work on her commissions right after also. I ended up wandering Nordstrom Rack and the mall (nearby). I was looking for a new bag. Woman, how many bags do you need?! <--answering myself: A LOT! lol jk! I wanted a tote. I found one, bought it and promptly used it (lol! I'm so lame) But it started annoying me (the straps) so I returned it. Then, I found another bag at the mall and bought that one. I am so in love with it! Also, returned a camera [the one I'm using currently is having issues with the charger. I have to re-charge every ten minutes] that I had purchased on Sunday to see if it could replace my camera. I didn't like it at all! I love my camera.... I guess I'll just deal with the bad charger thing :/ After wandering the mall, I went and saw "Kick-Ass 2", then went home.
  • They shoved me back into Audit. The manager made me do my regular duties and we finished early. It was on purpose that we finished early. She rushed through the other things that we had to do but she did it fast because she was training me on doing data entry in the computer. O_O; She said that I was going to start doing that the next day. I took a billion notes! My "Audit" notes have like 40 pages now (front and back). 
  • Sold my Personal Original in Yellow. ;___; I'm going to miss that. I really do love the Original BUT the strap was bugging me and... I guess I love my Gillio more. But... I also purchased (from someone) a Kikki K. planner. I shall do a post on that soon :)
  • While working in Audit and doing the data entry stuff via notes... I was like OMFG! I need to re-do my notes, they're all over the place. Once I got home I typed up half of my notes and printed them out. So much easier when I worked on Friday. I was running out of ink in my printer (why is it always doing that when I need it the most?) and a lot of the COLOR CODING didn't show up :/ [I color coded things for: PRINTING, DATA ENTRY, FILING, COUNTING, and CHECKING]. So, I used my washi tape LOL
I need to stop being so lazy -_-;


  1. My gosh.. It looks like you were busy alright!.. LOVE the stickers you used though.. And that stamp!! (0; Have a great week! ~tina

    1. Thank you :D The stickers I used I purchased from Etsy. It was awhile ago though so I don't really remember which seller ;__; So, I'm sorry


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