Week in Review 09.02.13 - 09.08.13

 Planner: Gillio Firernze Medium Compagna in Mat Croco Grey [the photo above is taken with a flash]
Inserts: My own custom DO1P ones printed on gray paper
Pens: Mostly used my Limited Edition Majolica Majorca Uni-Style Fit Pen (Uniball) <--multi-pen; Gel Bursts Glitter Pens, Academix Gel Pens, and Sakura Gelly Roll pens.

 Decorations: Used my Masking Tape stickers and the ones that came in an old Korean planner. (I'm almost done with those! Yay!) Actually, didn't do a lot of decorating this week. No idea why, honestly.

 I tried being boring and using black ink (mostly). But I couldn't do it and ended up using color again :P

Honestly didn't do anything on Monday because I was sick. I called into work... so that note "Help Rida/Sandy with new hires" didn't happen. The assistant store manager had to help train the new hires. Only me, the assistant store manager, and Jennifer (another supervisor in my department) know how to train new hires. -_-; I think they wanted to kill me. And honestly, I forgot it was Labor Day so that made it worse...

 I was distracted and couldn't do most of my tasks...

 See? :P

 Ahh, the gray paper looks so nice in the Grey Croco. ^_^

 I hate how I'm so easily distracted...so I couldn't work on my tasks again :(

 I love these glitter pens. I can't find them any more. They're just cheap ones. Anyone know of any good glitter pens? :D I don't like the Sakura Gelly Roll ones so you don't have to recommend those.
 Is it weird that I have to write "Water Lawn"? I live with my parents and they've been away for a week so I have to write it down or I don't remember. They usually do it because I'm not home from work at the time they do it. 

 Finally packed up orders >_<; 

 Can you see the last thing on the task list? "Work on Printables". I decided to make these inserts as printables. I have issues with my printer using up a lot of ink. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my printer. But it's a photo printer and it uses a lot of ink.

 I think my blog post on Shiro Cosmetics will take awhile to do because the collection that I planned on doing the post on is a BIG collection. BIIIIIG collection. 

I kind of don't want to sell my A5 Original but it's not doing anything right now....

 Today's tasks. Still working on this ;)
I keep putting my Blog planner on the back-burner. I think it's because I'd rather work on other things first. But, I've been trying to blog more (I didn't blog for the last week because of being sick! <--excuses, lol!) and it seems easier with that (for ideas and such). 

 Here are some shots of the sky on Labor Day. The weather was being tempermental. But look! A double rainbow!

 I don't know what it is about rainbows, they're so calming to me...

Okay, enough rainbows. :P

  • Called in sick to work. Co-workers were mad at me because it was a super busy day. But, what could I do? Everyone knew I was sick -_-; 
  • The parents went back to the Bay Area to work on someone's house. My dad's a contractor and my mom helps out. Someone wanted him to fix a house in San Jose, CA. so that meant they had to stay in our San Francisco house (my brother's living there). 
  • Kristin, from the Gillio Firenze FB Group, and I were talking about our Gillios and she really wanted the Aubergine (the one I have) and I really wanted the Grey. So we decided to swap. It was such a last minute thing that once I returned home from work, I threw my stuff out of my Gillio and shoved it at the mail lady. Lol. (Well, in a nicely packaged way) But I was in such a rush I left a receipt behind. It's okay, wasn't important. 
  • The last bust-shot commission I did, I recorded myself inking and coloring it. I used to do Youtube art tutorials and such, but I stopped because the camera I used wasn't mine (my brother's) and he wanted it back. Plus, I didn't have a lot of time. Anyway, I editted it and uploaded it. Why does a 7 minute video take 3 HOURS to upload!? I don't understand. :P I'm thinking of starting up my channel again. Maybe include some planner videos :P
  • Re-did my inserts because I forgot (I'm so smart!) to save the master copies. Made a new insert just for my online store. Also made a 2DOP (2 days on a page) insert for Pocket-sized planners. Will post when they're completely finished. They still need a bit of tweaking..


  1. Hi,
    how do you manage with the light croco leather?
    How about the signs of use?
    I really love this color, but I didn't dare order one yet in fear to wear it out... :-(


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