Week in Review 09.09.13 - 09.15.13

 Planner: Gillio Pocket Compagna in Croco Beige
Inserts: My own custom pocket inserts 2DO1P (2 days on 1 page) printed on lime green paper
Pens: Mostly used my Limited Edition Majolica Majorca Uni-Style Fit Pen (Uniball) <--multi-pen; Gel Bursts Glitter Pens,Academix Gel Pens, and Sakura Gelly Roll pens.

 I have two pocket sized planners, my Filofax Apex and this Gillio Compagna. The Gillio is new. I planned on using it as an on-the-go planner/wallet combo. I found the pocket sized week on 2 pages too small, so I made my own 2 days on a page. I'm thinking of making Day on a page ones too but...I think these are fine.

Used some washi tape to decorate. I actually, don't have a lot of washi tape. Also plan on making / buying some pocket dividers but haven't figured out what I'd want yet. For now, I'm using my Gillio ones.

I have a ton of sticker flakes. I noticed that they look quite strange on these pocket sized pages. Maybe it's because while they're small... they're a little big for the pocket-sized inserts.

I like writing in the month, which is why I left it blank (when I made my inserts). I like how the plain washi tape (w/ writing on them) looks on these pages. 

I've been having trouble sleeping ever since this day :(....

Saturday and Sunday (though today is Sunday) I didn't fill in my planner :(.

  The no-sleep is catching up to me... 

Lazy? More like...tired.

  • The evils went back to SF to work on the house. The start of my mid-shift schedule. Lucky me, they changed my schedule again next week. *sigh*. This was the start of a LONG week.
  • They gave me a mid-shift because my Department Manager wanted me to train the new hires for the whole week. I think it's because these new hires were going to be in our department. That's quite shocking because we haven't had new hires (for our dept) in over a year!
  • This week we were supposed to have MOPAR which is basically our corporate office being here for inspections. But, at the last minute, they changed their minds and they're coming in next week.
  • The owner of the stores did come for a visit on Friday. I bumped into him a few times >_<
  • My Pocket Gillio finally arrived on Tuesday. Actually, it arrived on Monday but I didn't check my PO Box. >_<; [It took 10 business days to arrive, btw]
  • I received a lot of mail on Wednesday. My order from StrawberryMilkMade, my ChibiPop Manga Magazines (ordered from eBay), and my phone case thing.
  • Had a very bad day on Friday. At least, to me. First, Rida told me to switch schedules with her so I had to open instead of having a mid-shift. Our Manager forgot to print out the new schedule (again) for next week so I had to ask our Audit Manager to do it (Only her or the Store Manager can do it). But she didn't have the time. While I was in the Manager's Office, I asked for the new hire list (because MY Manager forgot to give it to me -_-; ) AND to have him print out a copy of the schedule. I need the schedule to call the new hires. I needed to see if he scheduled me to train new hires. He didn't, I believe I'm in Audit again next week. So, I called the new hires and ALL of them had some sort of restriction on time for what time they could come in for training. I had the hardest time scheduling them and because of this, I had to leave late. I still couldn't schedule them. While I was leaving the bank,...I was backing out of my parking spot and was shifting to the DRIVE mode when this lady comes BARRELING out from HER parking spot! I honked my horn a billion times and she STILL didn't see me because she CONTINUED to back up! She was literally ONE INCH away from my car. Then she raced out. O_O;;; Oh, I was so mad. Then, I found out that the parents were coming back home :( <--not a good thing.
  • Received a Jury Duty Summons for October 15, 2013 ;_____;
  • I guess the lack of sleep and the stress I've been having has depressed me. so I wasn't able to work on things this weekend. I know today still isn't over yet, but I honestly don't feel like doing anything.


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