Week in Review 09.23.13 - 09.29.13

Whoops! Late post today! At least, it's still up today ^_-

Planner: Gillio Medium Compagna in Mat Croco Grey
Inserts: My own WO2P inserts I made printed on blue paper
Pens: Academix Gel Pens (mostly these), Pilot G2, Hello Kitty Glitter Gel Pens, and Pilot Juice Pens 

 Yep, I'm back to using WO2P (Week on 2 pages) inserts! I kind of missed decorating them. For some reason the DO1P inserts I made made me feel restricted when I wanted to decorate. Could it be because of the lines on the pages? It could be. 

When I use different colors, it's not because I'm color coding. I don't color code, actually. I do different colors so I could see a different task that needs to be done. That's the only reason why they're in different colors. I really love using bright colors....

 I felt my pages were too plain so I added a few stickers and I thought they would look a little whimsical by adding speech bubble (stickers) too. 

The reason why I was late with today's post. (I usually do it in the morning)... it's because it's my Mom's birthday. We don't really do much on birthdays but we also had company. I was also working on orders so... yep. ^_^;

  • I was told this week is my last week in Audit. Kind of sad because I liked being in the Audit department. I don't have angry customers yelling at me for something stupid. Ahh... oh well ;( 
  • Finished all the letters I owed and mailed them off. I miss having penpals. But I feel bad because it takes me a little longer to write letters now. 
  • My friend drew this awesome drawing and it inspired me to make a color (for my online store) for it. She was super excited about it. Most of this week I spent trying to work on that and my subscription sampler. 
  • I've been really lazy when it came to my blog. :( 
  • I received my Sampler Village box! Super exciting. I'll be doing a post on it...soon! Once I finish photographing EVERYTHING! 
  • Not much this week but... I'm trying to work on new things for my store. Ahh! I'm trying to push myself more on it. 


  1. I love the inserts youve created, so economical with space and so functional. Im with you on the colours- I love colour but find colour-coding a bit pointless since it's my planner so I already understand what ive written (be a bit different if it was a shared planner for family or work) but I like to use lots of colour still so i use diff colours for diff tasks just so they dont all run into one

    1. Thank you for the comment. I used to color code but it just didn't work for me.


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