Thursday, October 31, 2013

10.31.13 - Kiss My Sass Subscription (October 2013)

One more day and it'll be November. This month is sure flying by fast! With that being said, I received my October subscription awhile ago. Just haven't had the time to swatch and post photos. But, here we go!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week(S) in Review 10.07.13 - 10.27.13

Planner: Filofax Compact Calipso in Bright Blue
Inserts: My own custom ones printed on white paper & teal paper

Pens: Various ones...

Sorry it's been awhile. Had a bunch of things come up including changes in my work schedule (mostly this) and my cousin's engagement party-thing. 

Now that one of the other supervisors is on maternity leave, it's harder for my manager to schedule us (supervisors). It's especially hard scheduling me. I'm the backup of the backup for our Audit Department. So if the Audit Manager goes on vacation/requests time off, mostly the backup takes over. But when SHE takes days off/vacations... then they need to schedule me. The other hard thing about scheduling me is... I'm the only one in the store (other than the assistant store manager) that knows how to train new hires. Because it's close to holiday season, we've been hiring for seasonal workers.

So, that's why my schedule has been quite wonky lately. I think it's going to remain like this for awhile *sigh*

Thursday, October 24, 2013

10.25.13 - OSLO Cosmetics

 If you haven't seen Oslo Cosmetics being posted all over the place then I must be hanging around (online-wise) the same places the owner does. Joyce, the owner, is in a lot of the same groups that I'm in on Facebook, among other places. 

I got to talking to her and we decided to do a product trade. She chose 7 of my colors and I chose 7 of hers. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

10.21.13 - Makeup Monstrosity Link Love

  • AG gives us an overview on A-England.  
  • Check out Luna's post about de Leon Cosmetics balms and glosses!  
  • Linda swatches some products from Notoriously Morbid.  
  • Estelle shares products from Dreamworld Hermetica.  
  • This link love is brought to you by the facebook group Makeup Monstrosity! Come check us out.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

10.19.13 - Notoriously Morbid

I've seen Notoriously Morbid being posted in a few places that I go to (online :P) and I've heard nothing but rave reviews. She was having a sale, so... >_>; 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

10.13.13 - Makeup Monstrosity Link Love

  • Check out Luna's review on Oslo Cosmetics!
  • This link love is brought to you by the facebook group Makeup Monstrosity! Come check us out. Makeup Monstrosity: Enabling People Since 2012

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

10.08.13 - Pocket sized planner (and dividers) purchased from Etsy

 Isn't it amazing how you you can bond with some planners and some, you just can't? When I purchased my Gillio Compagna (Pocket) in Croco Beige; I was surprised to see that I couldn't love it. Sure, I loved all the pockets and the softness of the leather but other than that... I just couldn't. [Btw, yes I'm still using my Gillio Compagna (Medium) in Croco Grey] It was sold to someone in the Gillio Firenze FB Group. I was looking for something on Etsy (honestly don't remember what I was looking for now LOL) and I found THIS GORGEOUS handmade planner!

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL!?!? And yes, HANDMADE!!!! I had seen this store (KIKOSATTIC) featured on someone's blog before and I had saved her store... but hadn't looked at it for months. I just can't stop staring at it. 

All the photos taken were with the flash on my camera. For some reason in this photo, it looks more red-toned. The color is more of a chocolate brown.

SKOSH BOX (October 2013)

 I had heard about the Skosh Box from people in an FB Group that I'm in. It sounded amazing. I love Japanese snacks! I was told about it in August and the subscription was already sold out for that month. I guess they have only a set amount per month or you could sign up at a specific time only. Anyway, in September, I remembered the box and subscribed. I talked my friend into subscribing too, Lol.  

It came in a thin cardboard box. Honestly, when I saw the box I was like, "Oh no. I have a feeling there won't be a lot of items in here". 

10.08.13 - Moon Rabbit Cosmetics - Lunar Bunny Club (September 2013)

 I just received my Moon Rabbit Cosmetics - Lunar Bunny Club subscription for September. I knew it was going to be late, she had stated that on her Facebook page; so I didn't mind. 

What arrived were two colors. Yay!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Week in Review 09.30.13 - 10.06.13

Planner: Gillio Firenze Medium Compagna Mat Croco Grey
Inserts: My own custom ones printed on white paper
Pens: Uniball Uni-Style in Black & Recollections Fine Writer in Black

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

10.01.13 - SAMPLER VILLAGE: Witches Brew (October 2013) PICTURE HEAVY

About two years ago (?) I was looking for indie subscription boxes because I love indie. I love the indie community and etc. I discovered Sampler Village. Unlike most subscription boxes, this is not a subscription box. ^_^ Did I confuse you there? This is just a monthly box. New ones comes out every month. 

They also sell out EXTREMELY fast! Like I said, I've been looking/stalking this page for two years but could never get one. This time...because it's a Halloween one, I really wanted it. I set my alarm, wrote it in my planner, told my friend to beat it into my head... by the time I was able to purchase it...there were 3 left in stock. O_O; And they are quite pricey. It's $35 a box (for U.S. buyers).

So is it worth it? Check it out...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013