10.01.13 - SAMPLER VILLAGE: Witches Brew (October 2013) PICTURE HEAVY

About two years ago (?) I was looking for indie subscription boxes because I love indie. I love the indie community and etc. I discovered Sampler Village. Unlike most subscription boxes, this is not a subscription box. ^_^ Did I confuse you there? This is just a monthly box. New ones comes out every month. 

They also sell out EXTREMELY fast! Like I said, I've been looking/stalking this page for two years but could never get one. This time...because it's a Halloween one, I really wanted it. I set my alarm, wrote it in my planner, told my friend to beat it into my head... by the time I was able to purchase it...there were 3 left in stock. O_O; And they are quite pricey. It's $35 a box (for U.S. buyers).

So is it worth it? Check it out...

The cute postcard it came with. 
On the back, a note from the owner.

A list of all the participating indie stores. (The participating stores in the month. Doesn't mean they all appear in your box)

It was packaged very well in a Long Priority Mail Box (I've never seen these before LOL). It was packaged in layers. The first few layers were the perishable items, so I'll start with those.

Here's some croutons from Eden's Touch Bread Company
Jalapeno and Cheese. I tried these. Umm... They were okay.

A small treat sampler from Olive It... 

Hmm... yummies?
Caramel Apple Fudge from NomNomNomFudge
This was DELICIOUS!!!!!!

I forgot to take a photo of a really adorable sugar cookie and the website too :( I just nomm'ed it until it was gone.

What's this?
It does smell delicious! It definitely reminds me of Fall in a sweet way. From Mixing Up Magic

I wonder what's in here? O_O;

A sample of a wax melt from Piixlwix Candle Company. I wanted a pumpkin pie after I smelled this *drools*

The last layer in the box was this big velvet drawstring bag.

Love the card :)

What was in the bag... O_O;

Cute gravestone tags from A Penny For Your Thoughts
I really like how they look :P

So adorable...
Love the cameo ring :)

Err... -_-; I didn't get the name of this place...

Cute pin from Bow Peepers
Soooooo cute :D

Cute little cellphone charm from Chest of Wonders

Cute little orange earrings from The Curious Cupcake

I thought this is one of the neatest items. Recycled Crayons! 
Unfortunately, I couldn't make out their site :(

Heart of Joy hairclips. These are so cute :D Sparkles!

Izzys Place Glass Tile Pendant.

Thank you card from Tea Party Designs

Soap from Kiyi Kiyi
This soap smells DELICIOUS! I can't wait to try it!
Look at the swirls!
Love their "logo stamp"
Here's their card :)

BKD Signature. Another wax tart. This scent wasn't for me. The scent was "Werewolf"

The scent smells so good! I can't wait to try this. It doesn't feel like a heavy formula either. 
What it looks like in the 10 gram jar. Packed full!
Ingredients listing. Sorry it's blurry but that was how it was printed.

The Bath Cafe soap sample. 
Hehhe so cute. AND it smells divine!!! I could smell this all day.

A clay mask...

Love the labels and the packaging. Look at the eye balls!
Lip balm! Love this packaging!
So cute...

Another lip balm but this time from Wunder Budder

I love the label and it came with a sticker and business card :)

Full Moon from Wudder Budder
The ingredients listing..
And what the balm looks like.

I can't really tell you if I think it's worth $35 because from what I hear, the price changes depending on the content. I do really like this box and it took a LONG time to sift through everything and will definitely take a LONG time to try a lot of these things. Personally, I think it's worth it. 

Would you try it? Have you heard of Sampler Village


  1. What a great review! Hope you liked the Kiyi Kiyi soap :) Loved all the pictures!


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