10.08.13 - Pocket sized planner (and dividers) purchased from Etsy

 Isn't it amazing how you you can bond with some planners and some, you just can't? When I purchased my Gillio Compagna (Pocket) in Croco Beige; I was surprised to see that I couldn't love it. Sure, I loved all the pockets and the softness of the leather but other than that... I just couldn't. [Btw, yes I'm still using my Gillio Compagna (Medium) in Croco Grey] It was sold to someone in the Gillio Firenze FB Group. I was looking for something on Etsy (honestly don't remember what I was looking for now LOL) and I found THIS GORGEOUS handmade planner!

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL!?!? And yes, HANDMADE!!!! I had seen this store (KIKOSATTIC) featured on someone's blog before and I had saved her store... but hadn't looked at it for months. I just can't stop staring at it. 

All the photos taken were with the flash on my camera. For some reason in this photo, it looks more red-toned. The color is more of a chocolate brown.

 Anyway, here's a macro of the texture of the leather. The leather is flexible and soft. It's not as soft or as floppy as a Filofax Malden or a Gillio Compagna. There's still quite a stiffness in it but it's not TOO stiff. (Oh, I can't describe it! Lol)

 Can you believe this was HAND STITCHED!?!? This whole planner/binder was hand stitched! 

 I love how the hardware matches the binder so beautifully.

Yep! The inside leather is an antiqued bronze! [In this photo it looks more gold, but it really is more bronze than gold] There are [artistic-looking] cracks (not actual cracks) in the leather that really add to the beauty of this binder. 

 As you can see, it doesn't lie flat but you can definitely train it to lie flat, as the leather isn't THAT stiff. 

 The colors of the brown leather and the bronze are more true in this photo. The inside of the front. There are two long pockets. I had been using this as a wallet for the past week and I could fit my cards in there without it sliding out. It's not so stiff that you can't get anything out of the pockets and it's not so loose that anything flies out. I like the little leather detailing on the side too.

 Brown fabric sewn on the inside of the pockets.

 Two pockets!

 Includes this cute little book marker tassel...thing. It's really beautiful :)

 She created a place for you to add charms and such. This is where the tassel is attached to. 

 The inside of the back. Also has two pockets and two cute little flower grommets. 

  Also lined with a brown fabric. As you can see there is a pen loop but the pen loop is too small for me to fit ANY of my pens. I think I can fit my single Uniball Unistyle pens. For now, I just clip my pen ONTO the loop.

 A closeup of the flower.

 The rings are EXCELLENT! They're 15mm. Although, I think it's more 18 mm since they're the same size as my pocket Gillio that I just sold. It's sad that one of the issues I had with the Gillio was the small rings but I think I'm going to make this one work because I'm in love with this binder!

When I was looking at the listing, it said that it fit B7 sized inserts. She included sizes and I converted them and I was really sad because they wouldn't fit any inserts I had. I was thinking my next option was to make my own which I've been doing lately, anyway. So I messaged her and she replied that they fit Filofax pocket sizes!!! WHAT!?!?!?!? Lol! You bet that was the CLINCHER that made me purchase it ^_^ Maybe my conversions were wrong O_O; And, they do fit pocket sized inserts! Yay!

While I was looking at Akiko (the owner)'s shop, I had a hard time choosing. I loved all of them. But I kept coming back to this one and ....

Celestial binder (photo from Akiko's Etsy Store)

I resisted though and chose the one I have mainly because I wanted a neutral colored binder. So I could bring it to work without worrying about it getting dirty. They're so beautiful!!! I am SUPER happy with my purchase and will do a future post on how I've set it up. This is my on-the-go planner, so it'll only contain certain things. 
 I also wanted to get some new dividers and the Filofax ones didn't really fit with the binder. Also because of the width of the binder, the pen would hit the divider tabs. I decided to purchase THESE dividers [I also purchased personal sized ones but we're talking about the pocket ones for now ^_-] from Kori's etsy shop.

I had been stalking her store since she posted them in all the Planner/Filofax FB groups that we're in together. I wanted to get the top tabs so they wouldn't hit the pen. 

 So cute :)

Taa daa! So colorful!

Thank you for reading this post! And I hope you'll check out Akiko's Etsy Store and Kori's Etsy Store. And if you do buy the Celestial binder... or THIS one! I'll be DEATHLY jealous! 


  1. OMG! This is super special! Going to her store now. Thanks for sharing!

    1. No problem! I wonder if she's willing to make personal sized ones :)


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