SKOSH BOX (October 2013)

 I had heard about the Skosh Box from people in an FB Group that I'm in. It sounded amazing. I love Japanese snacks! I was told about it in August and the subscription was already sold out for that month. I guess they have only a set amount per month or you could sign up at a specific time only. Anyway, in September, I remembered the box and subscribed. I talked my friend into subscribing too, Lol.  

It came in a thin cardboard box. Honestly, when I saw the box I was like, "Oh no. I have a feeling there won't be a lot of items in here". 

 Everything was packed up neatly in tissue paper. On top of the tissue was this post card. On the back is a list of what was included. 

 What it looks like when you opened the box. 

All the snacks that were included. 

The first one I tried was the Black Seasme Mochi. Totally forgot to take a photo of it and of course I already ate it. It was okay.

Nori Wrapped Senbei - Crunchy shoyu senbei wrapped in crispy nori. I liked that the card included an ingredients list on all the items too. 

 Endo Green Pea - fried green pea snack
 The back pf the packaging
 What it looked like... I didn't really care for this.

Nigata Rice Cracker - Thin shoyu rice crackers - tastes just like a yaki-onigiri 
 I don't know about it tasting like yaki-onigiri but this was also delicious! If you don't like soy sauce, then I don't recommend this because it does have a strong soy sauce flavor to it. 

 Chocolate Puff - puffed chocolate snack with chocolate coating
 It kind of looks like a poop log (in my immature mind LOL)
 When you chew on it... This is pretty good BUT has the strangest texture. If you've ever eaten the puffy Cheetos, that's what the texture is and it's wrapped with chocolate.

 Sparkling Ball Candy - Large candy in lemon, strawberry, grape, or apple flavors.
This was really good. It has a sugar coating which is what creates the "sparkling" effect. I received the grape flavor.

 Fizzy Soda Candy - Hard fizzy candies in apple, grape, and pineapple flavors.
This one is the pineapple
This is the apple. Delicious but strange. I've had fizzy candy before but these aren't as fizzy as the ones I've remembered. :P 
What the fizzy (apple) candy looks like. 

 Soft Salad Senbei - baked puffy rice crackers with a light savory taste
 These remind me of these other Japanese rice crackers my family love. But these are more light and not as soy sauce(d) flavored (hehehe) as those. 

 Ume Cracker - Baked cracker with ume (pickled plum) glaze coating
 I didn't like this the most. It was weird. I may love rice crackers but the SOURNESS of it made it really taste weird! 

 Matcha Gum Pack - mochi textured matcha green tea gum sticks
 The packaging...
What it looks like. What can I say? It's green tea flavored gum. It's got a nice flavor and the flavor lasts longer than most Japanese gum I've had.

All in all, I don't think I'll subscribe again (I already unsubscribed). While there is a nice variety, mostly it's just one piece of _________ when I thought there would be more. I could go to the local Asian market for these items. 

BUT!!! My friend who doesn't have a local Asian market around thinks this is a GREAT subscription and she's continuing her subscription. ^_^

We both liked the rice cracker snacks the best, btw ;)


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