Week in Review 09.30.13 - 10.06.13

Planner: Gillio Firenze Medium Compagna Mat Croco Grey
Inserts: My own custom ones printed on white paper
Pens: Uniball Uni-Style in Black & Recollections Fine Writer in Black

 Did you notice something? It's lacking in color. WHAT!? There was a post in the Filofax Decorated Pages Facebook Group on what it would look like to have a completely black and white page, including decorations. Does it make a difference on how your pages look? Does COLOR really liven it up!? What do YOU think? I decided to take up the challenge! 

Though, I realized that I didn't have many decorations except my black washi tape and a white gel pen. So, I thought I'd just do what I normally do. Separate entries by making dashed lines. Important things will have the bubble / "flash" bubbles. It was fun actually. At first, it didn't look like much but after seeing a full page, it kind of looks neat. It reminds me of comic pages (maybe it's the "flash" bubbles?). 

I had to use different sized pens so I could differentiate my entries. 

The rest of the week. It doesn't look interesting because I was trying to get used to my new work schedule (which will probably constantly change now... :( )

  • My contract for my cellphone plan has finally ended. I really hate this company. I was waiting for months to switch. But I had issues when switching:
    • The phone I wanted wasn't in stock at my work place. I had to purchase it (the new plan and phone) at my work so I could get my discount (for the plan)
    • When it did come in, the system to activate new plans was down *cries*
    • Finally, the system was back up (yesterday) and there were issues with my account. I used to use T-Mobile then I switched to Sprint but I decided to go back to T-Mobile. It said that they couldn't open a new account for me because I had an existing account even though it said that my account was cancelled in 2011!! -_-; 
    • After the salesperson called them, they figured it out ONLY to have the system crash. Yay me! ;__; 
    • Eventually, I did get it. The phone I got is the Samsung Galaxy S4 (in white). The phone I used to have was the iPhone 4s (in white). I'm still trying to get used to it. I used to have Android phones but I got used to the iPhone
  • Sold my Pocket Gillio (Compagna in Beige). I just couldn't bond with it. I love the pocket size and I LOOOOVE the pockets... but... :/ I dunno. I just couldn't love it


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