Week(S) in Review 10.07.13 - 10.27.13

Planner: Filofax Compact Calipso in Bright Blue
Inserts: My own custom ones printed on white paper & teal paper

Pens: Various ones...

Sorry it's been awhile. Had a bunch of things come up including changes in my work schedule (mostly this) and my cousin's engagement party-thing. 

Now that one of the other supervisors is on maternity leave, it's harder for my manager to schedule us (supervisors). It's especially hard scheduling me. I'm the backup of the backup for our Audit Department. So if the Audit Manager goes on vacation/requests time off, mostly the backup takes over. But when SHE takes days off/vacations... then they need to schedule me. The other hard thing about scheduling me is... I'm the only one in the store (other than the assistant store manager) that knows how to train new hires. Because it's close to holiday season, we've been hiring for seasonal workers.

So, that's why my schedule has been quite wonky lately. I think it's going to remain like this for awhile *sigh*

 After the black and white week, I wanted to try out the new colorful inserts I made. Though they're quite plain, I still really like them. 

 Not much decorating going on. 
 I think the new colored pages look weird with colorful pens :(

Honestly, I don't like this layout but I had printed this out a few weeks ago already. So I switched it up a bit. No decorating because I didn't feel like it. I was super tired this week. 

 I love this page of nothing (sarcasm). Honestly, right after work on Friday; my cousin (one who's getting married) and her fiance and her younger bro invited me to watch a movie. We saw Captain Phillips which was pretty awesome, btw; and got home late. I had to pack up because we were staying over in our SF house with my brother, since the engagement party was in SF. 

Because BART was on strike, we barely made it in time. Traffic was HORRENDOUS!!!

My cousin (younger bro of the one getting married) decided to spend the night with my family because he wanted to hang out in SF too. Unfortunately, our plans were cut short because my Dad had to come back here by 3pm. :( The only bright spot I had was going to DAISO in Daly City. Didn't buy much except a few sticky notes.

 Since I thought the pages looked weird overly colorful, I starte using a regular boring ballpoint pen. Instead of black, I used blue. 

I had a few orders because I had a sale over the weekend. I also did a product trade with another indie makeup company ^_^

I had a new collection and it came out the previous week. I already ran out of stock on some of the colors I made. 

I won a Kate Spade planner on eBay but when it arrived, the rings had gaps in it. I was SOOOOOO disappointed. But the seller returned the money, literally 1 minute after I sent him a message. So that's good. ^_^; That was an impulse purchase. Honestly, I didn't need it. 


On another note, I'm thinking of re-doing my i+t A [my online store]'s planner. I use it more often than I thought. But now I need new sections/the sections I had previously didn't work out. I was also debating on putting it in my Back to School Compact Filofax. I love that thing but it's not getting much use. But as it says, it IS a Compact size and it didn't fit :( I could barely turn the pages. So, I put it back in my Kikki - K binder. 

Anyway, I've rambled enough...


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