11.24.13 - New Filofaxes and Searching for the perfect inserts...

 Ever since I've sold my Gillio I wanted to get a personal sized planner again. All I had were pocket sized (Apex and the handmade one from Etsy) and compact sized (Calipso and Back to School) ones. Most of the time, I like having a full planner with me. If I use the compact sizes it's mainly because I just felt like only bringing my diary with me.

Anyway, I also wanted to have a binder to leave at home for important information (Passwords, Car, Health, Bills, etc) and I missed my Original. I decided to get one again but instead of the Fluro Pink, I got the Patent Black.

I'm super picky. I really liked Gillios almost-endless pockets. I wanted to get a Finsbury but I just ended up getting the Saffiano. It's funny how it really does look like Saffiano leather, but it's not. (I have a wallet and a handbag that's made out of Saffiano leather) If it was real Saffiano leather, I'd be all over it.

 Close-up of the material...

 Inside cover... Wish there were more pockets.

Honestly though, I wish they made a Personal sized Calipso. I really love my Calipso.

 Yes, this is prone to finger prints. But I don't mind :)

 The inside...

 The main reason I wanted to get an A5 was because of this bound planner I purchased a few years ago. It's undated, but I love the layout. I took out the wire and punched it to fit into the Original. ^_^ Wish I had an A5 punch. I used a single punch and it was a pain. 

The past few months, I've been experimenting with different inserts. Mostly my own but lately, I've been purchasing printables and other inserts. I used to think that the WO2P inserts worked for me. Sure, they did work for me when I didn't have many things to do. But once things started getting busier... I needed DO1P inserts. 

Like I said, I've purchasing from different places and trying to see which would work for me. I thought I would review the inserts I've purchased (in separate posts)

L-R: inserts I've made
L-R: inserts I've made

Inserts purchased from Prim and Parchment

Inserts I've made

Inserts purchased from DIYFish

We'll see which ones work for me. ^_^ Right now, I'm coveting another Original in Personal size. -_-; I need to stop. Lol.


  1. I'll be waiting for your next post! I am too trying every insert and make my own!

    1. I wish I could make more of my own inserts but I don't have the time now :( I really want to make some pocket sized ones because I really do love the pocket sized planners. I'm going to start doing the insert review next week. Thank you for commenting :)


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