Week(S) in Review: 10.28.13 - 11.10.13

 I missed another week :( It makes me sad. I have no excuse this time.

For this week: 
Planner: Filofax Compact Calipso in Bright Blue
Inserts: My own custom ones printed on white paper
Pens: Mostly used a blue ballpoint pen and some Sakura Gelly Roll pens

 The start of the week (on the right). I wanted to make my pages cute this week but then... I just ended up being exhausted from work and didn't do much decorating / planning. 

On Tuesday, I was told that we (Mom and I) were going to go to San Francisco on my days off (Wed and Thurs) to visit my grandparents. But they changed their mind. -_-;

I had a few days left to work on my monthly subscription, since my original plan was to have it out by November 1st. I spent most of my week working on the finishing touches.

 I didn't think I would have enough room on my WO2P inserts so I took out a memo sheet and a journalling sheet and used them for TO-DO's. 

 One of my co-workers ended up buying my iPhone 4S (I changed phone companies and I can't use it any more. Now, I have a Samsung Galaxy S4)

I love that Happy Halloween tag (Yes, it's a tag) I pasted on this page. ^_^ It's so cute!

 Here's a close up of the memo sheet I used...
 Close up of the journalling sheet I used.

This week:

 Planner: Personal Filofax Saffiano (in Bright Purple)
Pens: Uniball Unistyle FIT pens with some cheap glittery pens thrown in every now and then.

 I received these inserts two weeks before but decided to use them when I knew I was going to have to train the seasonal hires. I wanted to test them out because they have times on them. I wanted to see how they would work with my work schedule. Most of the time, I don't have a set time to do anything. But if we have more hires than normal... it's easier to plan things out according to a time table. I think I just babbled there :D

I kind of like this format ONLY when I have a lot of new hires. 

 Because these pages are ruled, I can't seem to decorate. I tried.... :P And I don't know why... but if the inserts are in color, I think it looks weird with colorful pens/ink. I like how it looks with black ink.

 The strange thing is, because I write all of this down, you would expect that I bring this planner with me at work. If I bring my planner with me, it stays in my bag. In my locker! Next week (tomorrow), I'm going to try to bring it along with me. We have strict policies at work regarding things that we can have with us. I'm hoping they don't mind me bringing my planner. ^_^ (Will fill you in on that! Lol)

 When I have new hires, my busiest days are Mondays and Fridays. It doesn't really look like it on my inserts, but... they are :P

 I love this photo :D

 I worked on a lot of orders and my subscription orders this week. ^_^;

 Hehehe... I forgot to edit out my blog post that I haven't done. Well, you'll know what's coming up then :D

 I like this page too. It may look very minimal, but I love the colors ^_^;

 Originally, I was going to clean and do laundry on this day. But at the last minute; we went to San Francisco, which is why I wrote it THROUGH my "laundry". Hehe. I visited my grandparents (both sides of the family) and wandered around with my Mom. My Dad had an appointment which was one of the reasons why we went. 

Oh... how I have many Filofaxes that I want again. I've sold my Gillio. There are a few reasons why, but I won't go into it...

Anyway, I'm hoping I can post this on time next week!


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