12.15.13 - Medium Gillio Compagna Shiny Croco Lilac

 Yes, I sold my previous Gillio awhile ago. And I didn't plan on getting another Gillio for awhile. Then, they came out with new colors... 

I was one of the people who had issues with the VAT; but they've resolved it and I got a discount when I purchased this. Yay! Anyway! We got first peek at their new stock and when I saw this color I fell in love! I had to have it. When I heard that they only made 4 of each of the new colors, I was like "NOOOO!!!" So, what did I do in my obsessed state of mind?

I stayed up. It didn't matter that I had worked a billion hours the day before and will have to work a billion hours the next day. That's what caffeine and energy drinks are for ;P I stayed up all night. I put my phone next to me all night and left the ringer off. I usually keep it off because I get a billion notifications (especially email). When they came out, I hurriedly reserved mine and waited a few days to see if I made it in time or not. 
 As you can see from this post, I did get mine. YAY! 
It came packaged in the regular Gillio box, inserts were wrapped separately, and the actual binder was in this dust bag. Maybe I'm the only one? I really liked the drawstring dust bags... They were a little thicker and I liked the drawstring aspect of it :P

 Isn't it gorgeous!? Just like all Gillios the color depends on the light. This photo is what it truly looks like. (In my opinion). It's more lavender than lilac. Mine has more blue undertones than pink. 

 Macro shot of the leather. As you can see, it's the same lighting but it looks gray/grey here.

 The back... it looks more blue in this photo

 Macro shot again...

 What it looks like on the inside. Yes, I moved right in! Btw, the other two times I purchased from Gillio it took about 10 days to get to me. This time, it took 6 days. WOW! It wasn't hanging around customs this time.

It was also funny because when I received my tracking #, I kept entering it in and wondered why it never moved or was "never found". >__>; Because I'm an idiot and didn't put in the WHOLE number. *sigh*

You can see it's got the same pockets as my previous Gillio

 Pen loop is elasticated so it could fit my Unistyle UNIFIT multi pen. 

So how is the leather?  I didn't hate the scent as I did the Mat Crocos. In fact, I could barely detect a scent. When I saw photos of the shiny croco, I thought it would be stiff like a Filofax Osterley. Nope, nope! This is still as soft and squishy as the Mat Croco. Though honestly, it feels a TEENSY TEEEEEEEEEEEENSY bit stiffer. It hardly makes a difference but I like it. Like I said, it's hardly noticeable if you compare it to the Mat Croco. 

Anyway,  I think I like this more than the Mat Croco. If I didn't get this one, I would've chosen the Savage Croco Grey or the Royal Blue


  1. If you still have this and are willing to sell, I am interested.

    1. Hi I'm willing to sell her now. Please let me know if you're still interested :)


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