WEEK in Review: 12.09.13 - 12.15.13

 Planner: Gillio (Medium) Shiny Croco in Lilac AND KIKOSATTIC Planner from Etsy

Inserts: A Bowl Full of Lemons' Rainbow Planner (personal sized) AND Piaric's 2 on a Page (pocket sized)

Pens: Various

Why am I using two different planners? Truth is because I'm testing out inserts. My pocket sized planners were feeling neglected. So, I wanted to use them. Of course, this meant syncing everything. So, don't mind the fact that you'll see the same things in both planners ^_^;;;

The Rainbow Planner inserts (undated). It's so very colorful. Because of how colorful it is, it looks like a rainbow threw up on it because I used my colorful pens. I used these tiny flags I got from Daiso to mark off when my bills were due. 

 I kept my pocket planner simple. No decorating... 
I had a confusing week this week. Confusing because of work. Before if we hired people they would always start on a Monday. They've changed it so that new hires can start ANY DAY! This week I had 4 new hire "classes". I got everyone's names confused and their end dates. I should've written them down in the planner, I did write some of it but I mentioned before that our store is super strict on what you can bring into our department. 

 Other than new hires, I was working on my orders. I had a big sale for my online store [it's on hiatus at the moment so I can catch up on orders] and I've been trying to get caught up. 

 My co-workers decided to organize a secret santa thing too.... Luckily, I got someone that was easy to get something for. BUT, deciding on WHICH items I had in mind was the difficult thing. 

[Whoops, forgot Saturday's photo]
Sometimes I would decorate and most of the times I didn't. I seem to add more things/tasks in the pocket sized one than the personal sized planner. It could be because of the inserts. 


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