WEEK(s) in Review: 11.25.13 - 12.08.1

 Planner: Filofax (Personal) Saffiano in Bright Purple
Inserts: My own inserts printed on white paper
Pens: Various

It's been awhile (again). But you'll see why ^_^;
These next few weeks are a bit hectic..,. but not so busy that I need to bust out with my DO1P inserts :P

 This week is Thanksgiving week. Honestly, my family doesn't really celebrate it. This year though, my family wanted to have a big family get together. (Didn't turn out to be a big get together, Lol) So we were planning on what we wanted to have for dinner and such. We decided on a Hot Pot and spent many days gathering up ingredients/grocery shopping at the Asian markets here.

 I've been doing a monthly subscription "box" for my online store and I had been working on it. The deadline to finish would be the first of each month. 

 Another reason why my weekly post has been delayed... BLACK FRIDAY (+ WEEKEND)  and CYBER MONDAY. The day after Thanksgiving is the worst time for retail workers (Yes, I'm a retail worker if you didn't know already. I'm a supervisor for the customer service [aka cashiers] which is the biggest department in my store. I work at BIG electronics store). Luckily, they didn't make us work on Thanksgiving like they did two years ago. I felt bad for the people that did :(

Anyway, everyone's schedule was changed at the last minute for BLACK FRIDAY. I was supposed to work 6 am - 830pm; but they changed it to 530am - 830pm [but I didn't get to go home until 10pm]. Though it was extremely long hours, the day went by INCREDIBLY fast. 

The last two years we had a few lulls in the line. This year, our line was never ending. NEVER....ENDING...!!!! Which made it good for us because the day went by fast. :P

Anyway, to make a boring story short... Basically, I haven't had a day off since Thanksgiving. So I worked from Black Friday until Friday. Yay, fun. -_-;

Which is why there's almost nothing in my diary from Friday - Sunday.   

 I did list out the things I needed to do for my subscription "box". I've finished them, just haven't checked them off -_-;

And you can see the major bleed-through. This insert was printed on 20# paper (quite thin) and I used a permanent marker. Lol. So smart ;)

I ended up getting a few new subscribers so I had to add them to my subscription list. [Speaking of... I need to re-organize my i+t planner...] 

If you see "TRAGIC TUESDAY SALE" it's my sale for my online store. I'm not around to sell for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday. So, I created Tragic Tuesday ^_^; 

Anyway, the Tragic Tuesday sale was a huge success. I'll do a post on it after I've finished. But, I've done a post in 2012 about it  and a post in 2011 about it. 

Still working on orders at the moment... Like I said, yesterday and today I finally had a day off. :(

 I had these cute diary stickers for awhile... so I thought of finally using them >_>

 Most of the time, if you see my diary... after each "task", I usually draw a dashed line/box around it. This time, I didn't. I just didn't feel like it. 

The "Little Twin Stars" memo sheet is a list of my bills and due dates (on the other side of the memo sheet). 

 Finally, a day off on Saturday! Was supposed to do laundry but as you can see, it's crossed out :( I think working all those days and hours straight really tired out my body. So, I didn't and just worked on my orders...

BUT LOOK! I added "LAUNDRY! ALL THE LAUNDRY" for today. Lol, and I did it ;)

Waiting on my inserts' reviews? I'm going to start them next week. ^_^ I had to re-print the ones I stopped using and I'm going to be testing them out (again) for two weeks. 

Hopefully, next week I can get back on track with my WEEK IN REVIEW posts. 


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