Sunday, January 26, 2014

01.26.14 - New use for my Back to School Filofax

After receiving my Filofax pocket Charleston in Purple; I was thinking of downsizing my collection. I don't have a really big collection but it's enough for me to want to get rid of some. Unfortunately, I can't bear to part with any of them. 

One of them is this Back to School one in green. I've been in love with it since it came out. I used it as a planner for a few months right when I received it and every other time I didn't feel like lugging my personal sized ones around. I did that until I got my Compact Calipso. After that, this was just sitting around collecting dust as a storage binder. It's not much of a storage binder since it's a compact sized binder. 

Anyway, a few days ago; someone posted this video in the Philofaxy FB Group about what she did with her Filofax. I thought it was an EXCELLENT idea!

Truthfully, one of my New Year Resolutions was to draw more and to draw everyday. Instead of drawing "dolls", I would draw...whatever I wanted.

WEEK(s) IN REVIEW: 01.13.14 - 01.26.14 [image heavy]

Oh, I missed a week again. Mostly because my brother was up here visiting. This week, I used three different planners. You'll see why though...

PLANNER(s): Pocket-sized Filofax Charleston in Purple, Medium Gillio Shiny Croco in Lilac, and A5 Filofax Original in Patent Black
PENS: Uniball Uni-Style FIT Multi PenPapermate FLAIRUniball Signo Angelic Colour 

Please excuse the bad lighting. The weather is being tempermental today and I'm testing out a new camera. The previous one I used is being stupid :(

Saturday, January 18, 2014

01.18.14 - Darling Girl Cosmetics

During the Black Friday/Thanksgiving indie sales, the only places I purchased from were: Notoriously Morbid, Darling Girl, and Dark Heart Designs. But out of the those three stores, I did most of my damage at Darling Girl. I hadn't purchased from her in almost a year (I believe?). So, when she posted a 40% off sale, you bet I jumped at it!

Monday, January 13, 2014

01.13.14 - Kiss My Sass Subscription: December 2013

 I'm very sad because as of right now, the Kiss My Sass monthly subscription is stopped. It's on hiatus and we don't know for how long. Now, I have to decide which other subscription I want to get. Moon Rabbit Cosmetics has opened up their subscriptions again and I might do that... Not sure yet.

So, with much sadness, here is the last (for now????) Kiss My Sass subscription "box"

01.13.14 - Shiro Cosmetics: Limited Edition Palette 01

Awhile ago, Shiro Cosmetics made a pressed palette of some of her sold out limited edition colors. I believe she only made 10 each palette and so far, I believe she only made two palettes. I didn't purchase the second one because I wouldn't use those colors ^_^;

It was packed very well and she included some candy and two samples (which I have since misplaced since it's been awhile).

Sunday, January 12, 2014

WEEK IN REVIEW: 01.06.14 - 01.12.14

PLANNER(s): Pocket sized Planner from Etsy [omg! She added more!!! O_O!!! ] & Filofax Original in Patent Black (A5)
INSERTS: Piaric D2 PO2 (pocket), a bound planner I unbound and punched (A5), and Life is Crafted DO1P inserts
PENS: Uniball Uni-Style FIT Multi Pen, Papermate FLAIR, Uniball Signo Angelic Colour (I love these!)

01.12.14 - Glamourdoll Eyes

Glamourdoll Eyes had a flash sale a few weeks ago. [I'm so slow on my posts lately, can't you tell? :( ] And I had been looking at their blushes for awhile... Of course I didn't just purchase blushes :P Anyway, apparently I was one of the lucky few (I didn't know lol) that received the special GWP (gift with purchase) grab bag. YAY

Saturday, January 11, 2014

TRAGIC TUESDAY SALE 2013 & Correction of Errors

This is an incredibly late post! >_>; Most of you know that I work a retail job. So I'm stuck at work during the Black Friday - Holiday season for overly long hours and etc. While most indies do a Black Friday sale, I can't. So, I created Tragic Tuesday for myself. It starts on the Tuesday after Black Friday. Anyway, 2013's Tragic Tuesday sale was 40% off everything with a coupon code. 

Every year after the sale, I write a blog post about it and what I could have done better. This is mainly for my own reference. Here were previous posts on it:

01.11.14 - INSERT REVIEW: Piaric inserts

I had heard about the Piaric inserts for the longest time in the Philofaxy FB Group. A lot of people seemed to enjoy them. The year was coming to an end and I really dislike the Filofax and Gillio inserts. So, I decided to test them out. Plus, I wanted to use my pocket sized planner more, which is why all the Piaric inserts I purchased are pocket sized. 

I purchased on November 17, 2013 and received them December 9, 2013. That was quite... a long time. But I understand that it was near the end of the year, it's holiday season, and she was preparing for an overseas trip. 

There's no actual website to purchase from, but she says that she's slowly building a website. Where you can purchase is through the Piaric FB Page and there's a note on how to purchase here. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

01.09.14 - San Francisco Haul

 At the last minute, my friend and I went to San Francisco. Last minute meaning we decided to go an hour before we went to sleep. Lol. Sadly, this trip was a fail :(

The places we wanted to go were all closed down or closed for the day. We wanted to go eat Dim Sum but the places my family usually goes to were all closed. We ended up going to some random take out place that had Dim Sum. It wasn't very good :( 

I wanted to get a Coleto pen in Japantown. They had some really cute ones the last time I was there. When I went, they only had a black and a white one. :sad face: We usually have a crepe, but it was closed for the day. We usually take at least one purikura... and it was closed for the day >__>;;;

The place I usually get my kawaii stationery... they got rid of it. The store's still there but they got rid of almost ALL of their San-X, QLia, Cruz, Kamio Japan, and etc. items. I was so sad :(

The last places we went to were Daiso and Ichibankan. I found some items and I guess that's good enough. I was still sad though...

Sunday, January 5, 2014

WEEK IN REVIEW: 12.30.13 - 01.05.14


 Planner: Filofax A5 Original in Patent Black AND KIKOSATTIC Planner from Etsy
Inserts: (A5) some planner I unbound and punched AND Piaric's 2 on a Page (pocket sized)
Pens: Various

01.05.14 - INSERT REVIEW: Rainbow Planner

Today, I'm going to do a review post on A Bowl Full of Lemons' Rainbow Planner 

Disclaimer: Just because something doesn't work for me, doesn't mean it won't work for you. 

She has different types of styles, designs, and sizes but I purchased the Blank Weekly Calendar (2 pages) inserts in personal size. When I purchase printables OR inserts, I prefer that they be un-dated. I've used these inserts for about a month. Once, when I first purchased them and the other times started about three weeks ago.  

After payment, you receive an email with a link that directs you to download the PDF file. After you've downloaded it and have opened the file with your respective program, you're ready to print. 

 Unfortunately, it does not include instructions for how to print your pages.