01.05.14 - INSERT REVIEW: Rainbow Planner

Today, I'm going to do a review post on A Bowl Full of Lemons' Rainbow Planner 

Disclaimer: Just because something doesn't work for me, doesn't mean it won't work for you. 

She has different types of styles, designs, and sizes but I purchased the Blank Weekly Calendar (2 pages) inserts in personal size. When I purchase printables OR inserts, I prefer that they be un-dated. I've used these inserts for about a month. Once, when I first purchased them and the other times started about three weeks ago.  

After payment, you receive an email with a link that directs you to download the PDF file. After you've downloaded it and have opened the file with your respective program, you're ready to print. 

 Unfortunately, it does not include instructions for how to print your pages.

 I printed it on 32 lbs Letter sized paper. 

There were no markings on where to trim your pages to the correct size. 
 No "cut here" marks on this page...
 Nor this page...
 Or here...

 You would think the border design would be a guide to where you would trim your paper... NOPE! Didn't work. It would be too short!

 This photo shows that I printed on both sides with no problem. That they were aligned perfectly.

 I had to use a scrap sheet of Personal sized paper to draw my guides to cut these inserts. 
 You see how the border designs won't match the height of the insert?

 Here they are. I printed out a month worth of inserts.
Remember, these are blank inserts so it's easy to customize it the way you'd like. 

 I didn't know where I should write in the dates. 

That's why on the left side, you see that I wrote in the boxes the dates (numbers with the circles around them), but they didn't work. I just wrote the dates on the side of the boxes. 

I like that the inserts have separate columns to designate different types of tasks/chores/etc. For mine: [from left-right: WORK, PERSONAL, FAMILY & CHORES, i+t a (my online store), and NOTES]

 I do like that you can see the whole week on your pages. I also liked the last column that I dedicated for "notes" [mainly use them as reminders :P]

As the last week of testing out these inserts went by, I had decided that these inserts do not work for me. Which is why this is mostly empty... 

  • Cute and colorful. Though I don't know if this should count as a pro :P
  • I like that you can designate each column to something you use all the time
  • You can easily view your week. Like I said, I liked my "NOTES" section because I put reminders on upcoming bills and it really helped me.
  • I hated the fact that there were no cut off marks to let you know where to trim your pages. I wasted a few sheets of paper and ink trying to figure it out.
  • As much as I like the separate columns, the spaces to write are pretty small. I believe my writing size is medium. Not too big and not too small. Sometimes for things I have to write for my online store, I write detailed information and the small boxes just don't cut it. Do you see all that wasted white space? The inserts could've been bigger.
In conclusion, the Rainbow Planner didn't work for me.

On a side note, I have downloaded the Tasks Mini Kit [Personal Size: A lot of To-Do lists, but like the planner, the spaces and lines were incredibly small] have just downloaded the Finances Mini Kit. If you'd like a review of that, please let me know. 


  1. Those ABFoL inserts are just gorgeous, but printing instructions, 'cut here' marks, and adjusting the layout so the holes don't interfere with the writing space are DEFINITE necessities!


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