01.09.14 - San Francisco Haul

 At the last minute, my friend and I went to San Francisco. Last minute meaning we decided to go an hour before we went to sleep. Lol. Sadly, this trip was a fail :(

The places we wanted to go were all closed down or closed for the day. We wanted to go eat Dim Sum but the places my family usually goes to were all closed. We ended up going to some random take out place that had Dim Sum. It wasn't very good :( 

I wanted to get a Coleto pen in Japantown. They had some really cute ones the last time I was there. When I went, they only had a black and a white one. :sad face: We usually have a crepe, but it was closed for the day. We usually take at least one purikura... and it was closed for the day >__>;;;

The place I usually get my kawaii stationery... they got rid of it. The store's still there but they got rid of almost ALL of their San-X, QLia, Cruz, Kamio Japan, and etc. items. I was so sad :(

The last places we went to were Daiso and Ichibankan. I found some items and I guess that's good enough. I was still sad though...

 Deco Tape Runners. I had seen people with these and I had no idea how awesome they are O_O
 Already tested it out right when I got home :P
 This one and the one above were purchased at Ichibankan
 Super cute! Look at that face

 These next two were purchased at Daiso. All the deco tape runners were $1.50 each.
Lalalala :P

 The only one I haven't used yet...

 Small stickers! Honestly, I don't remember where I purchased all the stickers. I got it at the stationery store, Daiso, and Ichibankan. And each of them were $1.50

 Cute diary stickers...Super small.

 Sorry for the flash >_>

I love the rabbit on the lion's head. Hehehe

Anyway, that's all I purchased (stationery wise). Everything else isn't very exciting (food :P all in my tummy already)


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