01.11.14 - INSERT REVIEW: Piaric inserts

I had heard about the Piaric inserts for the longest time in the Philofaxy FB Group. A lot of people seemed to enjoy them. The year was coming to an end and I really dislike the Filofax and Gillio inserts. So, I decided to test them out. Plus, I wanted to use my pocket sized planner more, which is why all the Piaric inserts I purchased are pocket sized. 

I purchased on November 17, 2013 and received them December 9, 2013. That was quite... a long time. But I understand that it was near the end of the year, it's holiday season, and she was preparing for an overseas trip. 

There's no actual website to purchase from, but she says that she's slowly building a website. Where you can purchase is through the Piaric FB Page and there's a note on how to purchase here. 

If you're new to this blog, I'll tell you a bit about myself. I'm a supervisor in the customer service department (the biggest department in the store. We've got about 60 people in my department) in a big electronic's store. It's a private company, so it's not very known only in some states. I'm, also, one of the backups in the Audit department, and the backup Hiring Manager. [The Hiring Manager has come back from Maternity Leave].

I also have my own business. I make and sell mineral eye shadows and soon, mineral blushes. I also do a monthly subscription for my products [Think Birchbox]. So it gets pretty busy at times, especially near the end of the month. 

[  D2P-P02 ]
Enough about myself. People have always said that the pocket sized planners are too small. I don't think so. If you use 1 day on 2 paged inserts, I think it'll be fine. Or 1 day per page inserts. And that's what I purchased (in ivory). 1 day on 2 pages. The only problem about this is that you can't see your whole week on one page. But I don't have a problem with that because... there's a small section on the inserts that says "COMING UP" and that's what I like to write in there. 

 [ Yearly Planner ]
I'm using this to keep track of sales I plan on doing throughout the year. 

Style No.2 MNR:
Week start on Monday, Note column on Right page ]

I also purchased the Month on 2 Pages. 

Here's a comparison to the size of the boxes to the Filofax ones. I lined up the boxes as best as I could.. but you can see a difference, Piaric's boxes are bigger and the font is bigger too. 

I like my notes to be on the right side (you can get them on the left and you can have the days start on Sunday instead of Monday too. I chose Monday - Sunday). You can see the obvious that the spacing between the lines are bigger than the Filofax's inserts. Then again, the Filofax inserts have numbers on them corresponding to the days. [Please excuse the cello bag. I didn't take out the insert and left it halfway in there since it was hard to put back in :P]

Here I tested the pens I use on an unused insert. These are the type of pens and highlighters I use. I chose the darkest colors I have. The paper quality is EXCELLENT! 

 NO BLEED THROUGH!!! There is SLIGHT shadowing but it's barely noticeable!

 Here are some examples of how I used my inserts. The photo above was the first time I ever used these inserts. I used the box that had times to keep track of the schedule of the new hires for the week. In the "ROUTINE" section, I put my work schedule. 

"COMING UP" I put bills or important dates to remember. The "TO DO" section is self-explanatory >_>; and the "NOTE" is just reminders for things I need to do but I don't have to do ASAP. 

 Here's more versions of how I used the inserts...

MOST of the time, the inserts looked like this. 

I started doing my "infamous" (hehehe) dashes around items.

  • Customer service is excellent. You can have your inserts customized to how YOU want it.
  • Paper quality is excellent!!!!!! There are different colors to choose from too
  • I like the different sections. The only one that I didn't really use was the box with the times. But, it's okay :) I'll figure it out.
  • Design-wise: I love the font! 
  • Ordering from the Piaric FB Page was kind of a pain. It was also quite confusing
  • This is just because of the insert I chose, so it's NOT a huge con :P You can't see your whole week on one page. 

In conclusion, I really do like the Piaric inserts. In fact, I've used these more than my other inserts. It could also be because I take this one around with me (because of the size of the planner :P). 

Have you tried the Piaric inserts? Which do you have? Do you like them? :)


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