01.13.14 - Shiro Cosmetics: Limited Edition Palette 01

Awhile ago, Shiro Cosmetics made a pressed palette of some of her sold out limited edition colors. I believe she only made 10 each palette and so far, I believe she only made two palettes. I didn't purchase the second one because I wouldn't use those colors ^_^;

It was packed very well and she included some candy and two samples (which I have since misplaced since it's been awhile).

The back of the palette. You can push out the pans as they're magnetized.

Sorry that it was used before this post. There's a reason for that and I'll mention it a little later. These are the colors in the palette

Moon Prism Power

Master of Whispers

L-R: Moon Prism Power and Master of Whispers

Moon Prism Power - Very pale pink with a golden duochrome
Moon Prism Power

Master of Whispers - Light lilac with a copper duochrome
Master of Whispers


A Terrible Fate

L-R: Alkahestry and A Terrible Fate

Alkahestry - I had to google this color because as you can see, I can't tell what it is. It's a purple with a blue duochrome.

This was why my palette was used before I took photos. When I was first sent this palette, I was super duper excited and I tried to do a post. But ALL of the colors came out like Alkahestry :( Splotchy and not pigmented at all. I messaged Caitlin and she sent out new pressed colors. Most of them were perfectly fine. This one was the only one that didn't do so well :( It's too bad, it's a really pretty color.

A Terrible Fate - Deep blue with a purple sheen
A Terrible Fate

I was happy with the service. She re-sent the palette really fast but that one color was still bad :( 


  1. Too bad that one shadow was so messed up. The others all look really smooth and pretty though. The two lighter colours are extra gorgeous!



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