TRAGIC TUESDAY SALE 2013 & Correction of Errors

This is an incredibly late post! >_>; Most of you know that I work a retail job. So I'm stuck at work during the Black Friday - Holiday season for overly long hours and etc. While most indies do a Black Friday sale, I can't. So, I created Tragic Tuesday for myself. It starts on the Tuesday after Black Friday. Anyway, 2013's Tragic Tuesday sale was 40% off everything with a coupon code. 

Every year after the sale, I write a blog post about it and what I could have done better. This is mainly for my own reference. Here were previous posts on it:

The first thing I did was extend my TAT (Turn around time). Also, I was stupid to start my monthly subscription "box" during the holiday season.

This year, I couldn't do pre-packed items because of my work schedule and the shorter holiday season. 

This was how my schedule for the TRAGIC TUESDAY sale was like (after the sale closed)
1. Closed down store temporarily to catch up on orders AND subscription items
2. Write out all invoices. Yes, I still write out all my invoices
3. Make a spreadsheet and input all items
4. Print out spreadsheet - It was a pain to keep checking on my screen, so having a physical checklist was easier.
5. Label all jars and clamshells
6. Fill products
7. Tape shut all full sized items
8. Gather all subscription items and ship 
9. Separate and pack orders
10. Ship

One thing I did differently... I usually go to the post office to ship my items. The first couple of times I went, the post office clerks were annoyed with me. They really really really hate me. So, I decided to finally do electronic postage. It really IS much easier! And I don't have to deal with the clerk who's quite rude. In fact, I've decided to just do it from now on. Though, I really do like hand-writing all my addresses. It makes me feel like I'm more connected to the customers. (Am I weird? LOL)

1. Pre-pack COLLECTIONS. I sold a LOT of collection sets this year
2. Do things earlier. Honestly, when I got home from work; I would relax for 4 hours before working on orders. If I didn't do that, I would've gotten everything out faster and earlier.

I honestly can't think of anything more. >___>; 


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