WEEK IN REVIEW: 01.06.14 - 01.12.14

PLANNER(s): Pocket sized Planner from Etsy [omg! She added more!!! O_O!!! ] & Filofax Original in Patent Black (A5)
INSERTS: Piaric D2 PO2 (pocket), a bound planner I unbound and punched (A5), and Life is Crafted DO1P inserts
PENS: Uniball Uni-Style FIT Multi Pen, Papermate FLAIR, Uniball Signo Angelic Colour (I love these!)

 At first, I started using my planners like I did the previous weeks. The pocket and the A5. But After a few days, I stopped using the pocket one. But I think it's because I was on vacation...

I was on vacation (paid! Yay!) from Friday to Thursday. On Monday, at the last minute; my friend and I went to San Francisco. It's not that far from here. About 1 1/2 hour drive. I did a quick blog post about it.

 I was testing out the Deco Tape Runners that I got from Daiso and Ichibankan. Whoever invented those things... they're awesome ;P

 As you can see, I stopped using it after Wednesday...

Onto the A5 planner.
 I love how this page looks even though I didn't finish using it. This is the bound planner that I unbound and hole punched badly :P. I need to find an A5 punch. I really hate using the single punch. -_-;

As you can see, I watched a lot of movies (same movies too) during my vacation. 

 While on Monday, I went to San Francisco; on Tuesday, I stayed here and watched movies. I watched "Saving Mr. Banks" and "the Secret Life of Walter Mitty". Both were really good but I really really liked "the Secret Life of Walter Mitty". I also wrote down a bunch of blog post ideas and other things that needed to be done.

I had this in my previous week and transferred it to this week. 

 This is the other side of the planner. The left side would be the week planner and the right side is the NOTES. I wrote all my TO DO's here. Though honestly, I don't like this format. If I have a task that needs to be done and I didn't do it the previous day, I actually like re-writing it. ^_^;;; (I'm sure you'll be able to tell in the next photos). 

 I kind of stopped writing in the above inserts because I received my Life is Crafted inserts that I purchased from someone in one of the Filofax Swap/Sell FB groups. I don't remember which one it was. She sold them cheap. I've been wanting the Life is Crafted inserts for awhile but spending THAT much money on it is kinda... :(

The only thing I don't like about these inserts are the times. I don't really use the set times. So I decided to use that as my "notes" section.

 What did I do on Wednesday? Oh! I went to the mall. I wanted to get a journal and a crossbody bag. I went to Nordstrom Rack and found a cute Rebecca Minkoff crossbody bag on sale. As for the journal,... I couldn't find one I liked. I actually didn't have much fun shopping this day. Usually I could spend HOURS and HOURS at the mall, especially in the bookstore. But for some reason, I just really wanted to get out of there.

Thursday was movie day again. I ended up watching "the Hunger Games: Catching Fire" and "the Secret Life of Walter Mitty" (again). ^_^;;;  

This day, my parents went to San Francisco (we used to live there. Most of my relatives are still there, including my brother). My grandma (Dad's Mom) hadn't been eating for days. My dad (mom and ME too.. Yep, STILL! ) was sick with the flu. <--my dad has had it the LONGEST and the worst bout. Anyway, after he was going to visit his Mom, he was going to get checked out. 

But... :/ My grandma wouldn't wake up. So they sent her to the hospital. My Dad had to come back because he has a building inspection [he's a contractor] the next day. Mom is staying (she's still there) there. As of this post, my grandma is a LOT better. She's finally woken up. According to my brother, she hasn't been taking her Diabetes medicine so her whole body got infected and inflammed and she contracted Sepsis (spelling?). She's still not really eating but she can finally talk a bit now. She's still in the hospital but a lot better.

 I started to draw again. Kind of.... I like how the pages look without any decorations. ^_^;

 Started work again on this day. 

 Was kind of productive yesterday but didn't mark off what I did >__>;;;

 My fave Sanrio characters are Little Twin Stars. I was writing a letter to my friend and this came from a notebook. I already tore it out and decided to just washi tape the edges (also with Little Twin Stars tape), punch them and put them in this binder.

So colorful! ^_^;;; I love it! Hehehe


  1. I loved the planner that you punched holes in. I think it is because of the grid. Where did you get it?

    1. I purchased it at some online Korean shop (2 years ago) but it's gone now. :(


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