WEEK IN REVIEW: 12.30.13 - 01.05.14


 Planner: Filofax A5 Original in Patent Black AND KIKOSATTIC Planner from Etsy
Inserts: (A5) some planner I unbound and punched AND Piaric's 2 on a Page (pocket sized)
Pens: Various

 It's a new year and time to start using new inserts. Okay, that's not the reason why. I just change my inserts a lot trying to find the perfect insert! If it even exists. 

Now that I've finished testing out the Rainbow Planner inserts, I wanted to finally use my A5 Original that has been collecting dust since September (?). I was originally going to use it as my online business planner, but the personal sized Kikki-K one worked fine for me. I had this bound planner and I noticed that it was also A5 sized. So I unwound the spiral and punched (badly) it and put it in my Original. I definitely wanted to use it now. Lol. So I told myself after I finished testing out the Rainbow Planner inserts, I would use it. 

 I love the grid design. As you can see it's a Week on 1 Page + Notes on the next page. I completely ignore the top where it says "Morning, Afternoon, and Evening". I'm still trying to get used to it...
 Here's one of my new bookmarks. Omg, it's so cute! *dies* I got it on eBay

 Since it was near the end of the month, I had to push myself to get out items for my monthly subscription "boxes". This was a journal card I punched and put in my planner. I thought it would be easier to see. 

This is the NOTES page. I wrote the same tasks as the above in here. >_>; It's okay, I didn't want this page to look blank, which is why I re-wrote it. One thing I liked about the Rainbow Planner was that you could separate sections of your life to plan stuff for. That's what I tried to do here. I think it kind of looks cluttered because of how I separated them? No worries, still working with these inserts. I really want these to work, if you can't tell :P

I was SO "smart" when I wrote American Horror Story (Season 2) on the bottom left. Yes, I'm watching Season 2... but I meant to write what episode I need to watch <__<; Whoops! Hopefully, Netflix will hold my place. :P

 I wanted to include this. This is the monthly inserts that came with that bound planner. I love how it looks. I love how I decorated it too. 

 Hehe, I love this stamp. It's so cute :P

 Honestly, I didn't write anything from December 30-Jan. 1 which is why I didn't include photos of it. Remember, I'm using two planners MAINLY to test out the inserts. I'll be posting my review on these soon. 

I'm a weirdo (maybe?). I really like the A5, Personal, and Pocket sizes. I think the Pocket sized planners are very convenient. Most of the time, I believe other people don't like using pocket sizes because of how small the writing spaces are. Well, if you used Day on 1 Page or Day on 2 Page inserts, there would be no problems.

 I started drawing in my "infamous" dashed lines after each task in the "TO DO" section. I hated how boring and linear it looked before. 

Not much going on today. I guess it's a good thing, my head is killing me. And yes, I'm STILL sick!! -_-;


  1. I love the way you took this and made it yours... I am trying to do the opposite fit something in to my A5 binder (sleeve)I have and love. I can buy plain graph spiral notebooks. So I may sit and design it to look similar... Love the design. What was the original planner do you know?

    1. Unfortunately, I don't remember what planner it was. I purchased it awhile ago and it was just collecting dust. I had purchased like 5 planners that same day (they were on sale and luckily all undated :P) and I used the other ones first. I threw away the cover (I'm so smart -_-; ), so I really don't remember. It's a korean planner though...


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