WEEK(s) IN REVIEW: 01.13.14 - 01.26.14 [image heavy]

Oh, I missed a week again. Mostly because my brother was up here visiting. This week, I used three different planners. You'll see why though...

PLANNER(s): Pocket-sized Filofax Charleston in Purple, Medium Gillio Shiny Croco in Lilac, and A5 Filofax Original in Patent Black
PENS: Uniball Uni-Style FIT Multi PenPapermate FLAIRUniball Signo Angelic Colour 

Please excuse the bad lighting. The weather is being tempermental today and I'm testing out a new camera. The previous one I used is being stupid :(

I started off like the previous weeks. In a pocket sized planner and an A5. Instead of the kikosattic planner, I used the Filofax Charleston in Purple. Only because I just received it and I wanted to play with it ;P 

And yes, I did re-write everything in all the planners I used. I'm one of those strange people that like to re-write everything ^_^; I do it so it would help me remember.

On Monday, I had a Jury Summons. My manager messed up my schedule and even though I told him FOREVER ago and reminded him every week afterwards that I had that... he scheduled me to work this day. I reminded him again and he told me to switch with someone.

Everyone kept telling me to come into work. But I was on stand-by and that takes a billion years to find out if I have to go in or not. [I didn't]. One of the other supervisors called in (not surprised, honestly. He always does that) and all the other supervisors were in a panic and kept calling me to see if I was going to come in. I kept telling them that I was on standby! Ahhh!

While I was waiting, I went to the "closest" (not really) Hobby Lobby. It had just opened a few months before and I had never been there. Omg, it was HUGE! Some of the decorations you'll see in this post were purchased from there :P

All the stickers and labels and such were purchased from Hobby Lobby. On this day, I decided to try and journal again. Not necessarily a decorated journal but just a boring ol' written journal.

I also blocked out a lot of stuff (you'll see in this post) because I know some of the people who subscribe to my subscription "box" read this blog ^_- and a lot of the blocked out info has to do with next month's subscription. Hehehehe... What's the point in being surprised if you can read it here, right? :D

One of my least favorite gel pens to write with are the gold and silver. Especially gold. I don't even know why. I think when gel pens first came out in colors that weren't black, blue, and red... Gold and silver were THE ones to get because you had never seen it before. So, I'm just tired of the colors.

Anyway, the point of my babbling about the gold pen is that one of my packs of gel pens came with a gold and a silver and I think it's because of the color of these Piaric inserts that whenever I use any colored pen on them... it just looks weird. But if I use gold, it looks right. NOW I KNOW WHERE TO USE MY GOLD PEN! Hehehe.

See? It looks nice :D Please excuse the crap lighting in all my photos in this post. The weather is being extremely tempermental today. I tried adjusting it through Photoshop and it still came out weird.

Sometimes, I just didn't feel like decorating...

I wrote a lot of blog posts I wanted to do in these inserts but I only did one of them. :/

You'll see that I missed days because there were days I just didn't feel like writing in my planner...

Onto the Personal size. The reason I didn't write in some days of my pocket planner were because I discovered these beautiful inserts on Etsy. I don't remember why I was looking on Etsy but yeah...

After using Day on a Page / Day on 2 Page inserts... going back to WO2P inserts was weird. I've also realized that I don't like the WO2P inserts any more.

Along with my Filofax Charleston, I also purchased a LAMY Safari Fountain pen too. I was just testing them out ^_^;;;

The A5 I did use all throughout the two weeks. I've realized that I love the A5 and the Pocket sized planners. Personal sized just isn't for me.

Honestly, not much happened this week except for my brother bringing my Mom back up here for a change of clothes. My Mom is still in San Francisco (she's supposed to be coming back today) to visit my grandma [Dad's Mom] who's been in the hospital for a few weeks. She's getting better.

On this page, I felt like I don't use enough space so I wrote really BIG! But I blocked out the information because like I said above, a lot of this information has to do with my store stuff and other things ^_^;;

I did finish making the eyeshadow color that Black Violet wanted me to make for her store. If you purchase within a certain time, it'll be the GWP (gift with purchase) during her sale.

Testing out my LAMY on these inserts. I love this pen...Not in the planner though. Lol. Since I love more colorful pages...

I don't know why I don't decorate these inserts. I have a bunch of sticky notes and stickers... I will try and do that now! ^__^;;


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