WEEK in REVIEW: 01.27.14 - 02.02.14 + Daily Drawings of the week

PLANNER(s): Pocket-sized Filofax Charleston in Purple, Medium Gillio Shiny Croco in Lilac, and Compact Back to School (Filofax) [Daily Drawings planner]
PENS: Various
COLORED PENCILS: Crayola and Prismacolor 

 I don't think I ever took a photo of my Charleston. Isn't he such a cutie? 

 My work schedule keeps changing. It's really messing up my sleep.

Anyway, I think I mentioned before in my Piaric Inserts Review, that I didn't like the times table box so I've decided to cover it up with my sticky notes. I'm hoping this will work out. I'll be using it for my incoming packages. Some of these packages are much needed (for my subscriptions) which is why I've decided to write them down. I used to write them down but I stopped and I tried to get into the flow of it again but it didn't work out. So writing them ON my planner pages seem to help. 

I went home early this day (from work) because I wasn't feeling too well. I started getting a fever. Btw, yes...I STILL AM SICK!!! [Since BEFORE Christmas!] 

 A lot of the washi tapes you see in these pages are new and purchased from Michaels. I don't have a lot but would like some more (which is why you see that I have some coming in from Etsy). I can't wait to get them. 

 I ran out of bubble mailers and bubble wrap. I needed them ASAP because my subscription cycle had just started. So I went to Wal-Mart to buy them but the ones I needed weren't in stock and I had to get bigger ones. I guess that's okay because this subscription set seemed to be "bigger". 

One of the Facebook Groups that I'm kind of affiliated with is holding a special giveaway with a few other indie beauty companies. I shipped off my giveaway prize. So, if you're in the indie beauty community, check out the Facebook Page because it's going to be a BIG giveaway! It's not posted up yet, but soon :)

I found my Little Twin Stars washi tape!!! Yay!!! 

The drawing on the left is actually a sticky note that I got printed [of my drawing and my company mascots :P] from VistaPrint when I purchased some business cards. I kind of love them... >_>

 So many hearts washi tape. I just thought the hearts would be cute for the whole month of February.

Happy Lunar New Year!!! My aunt, uncle, and cousin came over to celebrate. I got some red envelopes too. Yay! Wow, my Chinese writing is terrible ^_^ That's the only thing I can really write...

 These next few days, I've been terribly tired and lazy and didn't feel like decorating. Like I said above, I've been sick (still) and I've been downing Nyquil like water. So it's been making me extra tired lately and earlier than I'd like. 

 I spent most of today printing out new printables and working on them. I purchased the DIYfish LMI v02 (I belive). Honestly, I think how she categorizes them on her etsy store is quite confusing. 

 Yes, I was using two planners again. Like in previous posts, it's because I've been testing out inserts. I did find something out after this week's "tests". I don't like WO2P inserts.

I don't know if I ever took a picture of my Gillio. Isn't she beautiful? :)

In January, I had planned on starting the 52 Week Money Challenge. But I completely FORGOT about it! Ughh! But, I decided to start it this week. I found this cute printable, punched it and stuck it in my planner.

 I'm sure you've noticed but my favorite Sanrio characters are Little Twin Stars

It was writing in these inserts that I realized that I don't like WO2P inserts. Sure, that's what I started with but as I got busier and busier, it stopped working out. The DO1P or DO2P inserts work perfectly for me. 

Don't laugh at me... Okay, you can laugh. I was extremely bored on Thursday and filed my taxes. Originally, I planned on doing it in the middle of this month but I just decided to do it then. Lol. 

Mom's back here to help prepare for Lunar New Year

 Now, onto my new "feature" (I guess). The Daily Drawings. THOUGH, the last 3 days, I admit.. I was extremely lazy/tired and didn't do any. :( I hope that doesn't continue to happen. 

 Here's what I have for the week. :( I'm sad about me missing the last three days...

 What's Monday without coffee? ^_^; For this drawing, I was coloring darker than normal because I was using the cheap Crayola colored pencils. I wanted to see how the pigmentation was compared to the Prismacolor ones. They're not bad...just a bit more waxy and not as easy to blend...

 I felt like drawing a clueless girl :P

 Who doesn't love SailorMoon? I used to draw her so much that I can draw her by heart, with no reference. That's kind of sad, I think. Lol.

 I really wanted a cupcake this day... After I did this drawing... I wanted it even more ;___;

I wanted to draw Chun Li saying "Happy New Year" but as you can see, I didn't finish. Chun Li is another character I can draw without a reference because I used to draw her all the time

Well! I'm hoping next week, my daily drawings will actually BE daily drawings!


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