WEEK IN REVIEW: 02.03.14 - 02.09.13 + Daily Drawings

PLANNER(s):  Medium Gillio Shiny Croco in Lilac, and Compact Back to School(Filofax) [Daily Drawings planner]
INSERTS: diyFish
PENS: Cross gel pen (all the black ink you see), LAMY Safari (all the blue ink you see :P), and cheap pens for all other colors
COLORED PENCILS: Crayola and Prismacolor 

 Please excuse the bad lighting/edits in the photos. It's been raining the past couple of days (which is good since California is having a drought). 

When I started using the WO2P inserts, I realized that I didn't like those types of inserts any more. Plus, I wanted to use my Gillio again. I don't really have any inserts for the Gillio except WO2P, so I decided to try out the diyFish inserts again. Honestly, I'm in LOVE with them!

Anyway, the photo above shows a journaling card. I used this as a list to keep track of all of the subscription orders that I need to ship out. From the 27th (of a previous month) to the 3rd of the current month -- I get super busy because that's when MOST of my subscription orders come in. This was a new way of trying to get them out. 

When I get a subscription order, there's no invoice. If there's an invoice, it's easier for me to see "Oh, I have this order that I have to do". But because it's a recurring payment, it just pops out of nowhere so I have to write down a list. 

The dates I wrote on the card are the ones that appeared (on that date). Anyway, so far so good. Plus, it gives me an excuse to use small memo sheets and my journaling cards ^_^

 Also decided to write the subscription orders on the inserts too. Just to keep track. 

 I noticed that using colorful pens make these pages look weird. Maybe it's just me....

 The first few days of this week, I had almost no sleep because I was trying to get out the subscription orders. Plus, I had an influx of regular orders. I wanted to get everything out on time so I worked hard. My work schedule for this week was also different... (I don't think it'll ever be a set schedule :( ) and that's wrecking my sleeping habits too.

I had to email a butt-load of indie companies. Last month, I admit I did everything late for my subscriptions. This month, I want to get a head start. So far, so good ^_^

 I started trying to decorate my pages. It's not a lot of decorating. Just some washi tape and different colored pens and weird writing :P

It started raining this day. We were in SHOCK! I swear it hasn't rained in 3 years! 

 I realized that the diyFish inserts (in my opinion) look the best with black ink. 

 I love this deco tape. 

I was able to relax by today because I had finished all my orders. Yay!!!!

 I had gone to Michael's on Thursday and found a pack of... 12 (?) glitter tape. I had seen them before but I had thought they were just ribbon because they were placed with packs of ribbon. I started using the glitter tape (it's black on this page).

 This journaling card lists all the orders that I'm waiting on in the mail. A lot of it is for next month's subscription. (Which is why they're editted out. ^_^;;; Because I know some people who subscribe to me read this blog hehehehe).

Also, I helped my friend buy a Filofax on eBay yesterday. She doesn't have an eBay account. So, waiting on that. I'm jealous. I kind of wanted that one. She's getting a Filofax Woodlands (the one with the bunny). 

And yes, you do see right. I ordered a Hobonichi Planner. I'm going to use it to journal though...
 It rained really hard yesterday. My windshield wipers are bad -_-;

Also, received my order from Etsy. I purchased a few washi tapes (a haul post will be posted soon). I love them so much! XD

 Loved them so much I used one on this page! Hehehe. Not much to do. I've got a huge headache (the rain?). 

Onto the Daily Drawings! These are horrible drawings. But like I said, I didn't have much time so they're mostly doodles. 

 How it looks this week. Lol... so funny >_>

 As it says, I've been craving for chocolate for days! I got some though. Yum!

 At work, three people gave me cookies! ^_^;

 Oh, my drawing of Chun Li is terrible! But it's Lunar New Year! Remember how I was craving for chocolate? My cousin, aunt, and uncle came over. While my parents and my aunt and uncle chatted. My cousin and I were going through this bowl of random chocolate and trying them. Wondering which one we liked the best. Lol... oh... :P~

 Like I said, It's finally raining!!!! It didn't last all day...

 But it rained a LOT this day.... I don't have a jacket/coat with a hood on it except for this one that I've had since 5th grade (I can't believe it! Lol) I wore it. LOL! My pudge wasn't very noticeable ;) Hehehe

 I don't know if you can read what it says. It says "Heck yeah! My tax return came in! Woohoo!" Which is really strange because usually it takes 2 weeks or more. This came in REALLY REALLY fast!!! Is it because I did it early? :P

Yeah... I really DO hope this sharpener works well. :(


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