WEEK in REVIEW: 02.10.14 - 02.16.14

PLANNER(s):  Medium Gillio Shiny Croco in Lilac
INSERTS: diyFish
PENS: Various

I really love these diyFish inserts. Though, there is a lot of room to write. I don't know what to use the space for. For sure, the first column in the weekly section I'm using for my work schedule. The other columns... I'm not too sure. For this week (the one I'm posting about), I tried to do the 365/30 List. As you can see... I TRIED. I just wrote down the questions... but didn't answer them >__>; Well, that was a fail. :P

During work on Monday, my Mom called me. But I didn't hear it. I forgot I had it on silent, so when it was my lunch break, I saw it and called her back. She didn't leave a message. She told me that she butt-dialed me by accident but it's a good thing I called anyway because my grandma (Dad's Mom) was in the hospital again and my parents were going to San Francisco to see how she's doing. [She's doing okay, for those who want to know.]

As you can see, the first few days of this week... not much happened. 

Like in my previous WEEK post, I've decided to write down the names of the peoples' who's recurring payment/subscription appears [for my monthly subscription]. I won't be having many now, since all my subscriptions usually come in around the last and first week of the month. 

I helped my dad order some products online for a place he's working on and they sent us an emailing telling us to give them a call. Something was wrong with our addresses or something like that. But it was because the billing and shipping addresses were different. 

Honestly, my sleep schedule is really messed up. I've been tired the last few weeks because my work schedule has been changing so much. I used to open all the time. In fact, I had opening shifts for almost a year. Suddenly my schedule was changed to mid-shift. Now, it's a closing shift. With an opening shift thrown in there [same schedule this week]. 

Anyway, because of the ever-changing schedule... I've been incredibly tired. That's why I skipped Thursday. 

One thing I did do was to hold a pre-Valentine's [and Valentine's] Day sale for my store. [As of this moment, it's on hiatus]. 

I got more orders than I normally get. In fact, I received 6 times as many sales as I normally do! 

I admit, I was overwhelmed and with my sleep schedule and work schedule being off... I had to put my store on hiatus. [All orders are packed right now. Yay! Whew!] Plus, I'll run out of jars if I kept it open. So I decided to close the store temporarily so I could wait until my supplies come in. Unfortunately, the supplier I use are out of the jars that I normally use ;___; so I have to use a different styled one temporarily. I informed people on Facebook...

Anyway, I loved this page. The decorations are from Michael's and Hobby Lobby. I got some of them awhile ago and the others were kind of recent but used with a coupon! Yay for coupons! 

Look, journalling cards (info editted out!) The journal cards are: Mail I'm waiting for and the other is a list of samples I need to send to someone but I can't say because... I can't. Lol. <--Which is why it's editted out ^_^;

As you can see.. I failed at this week's Daily Drawings. ;___; So sad... 

As I was about to ship some orders, my printer died (this was on Tuesday). My printer had been acting weird lately :( Plus, I've had it for 5 years (?). It's done me well. The kicker was that I had JUST purchased ink for it and replaced two ink cartridges in it. Ahhhh!!

My previous printer was an Epson R280. I had to get a new one because of shipping out orders and making labels and etc for my store. Luckily, I get a discount at where I work. I ended up with another Epson XP-610. It's also a photo printer but this time it's an All-In-One. Printer, Copier, Scanner. 

Honestly, I've never wanted an All-In-One printer but... I needed a scanner too. I hear a lot of the All-in-One's scanner qualities aren't that great. 

I had to research a bunch about it...and this is decent enough. I've already tested it a few times. 
Printing was excellent too. Only a few things I don't like about it:
- It's LOUD! Printing (I mean)
- It's got 2 paper trays. Not like it does anything, because it seems to be able only hold 10 sheets each. I guess if you do different types of printing or whatever... but.. :/ 
- The paper trays are annoying to take out
- It prints flipped. As in, if you want to print on glossy paper; you have to put the glossy side face down in the tray. I think I'm just complaining about this bit because I understood the setup of my previous printer :P

Anyway, I spent all day working on orders yesterday. I checked off a lot of the items on this list AFTER this photo. I was quite depressed this day because I messed up at work the day before and all the managers kept calling me about it ;(

I'm hoping this current week will be better *nods* and maybe I'll actually be able to do my Daily Drawings. 


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